Sunday, January 3, 2010

Better kiasi than ultra kiasu

(Mingguan Malaysia, 3 January)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia cum Secretary General of Islamic Chamber of Commerce Malaysia.

My gratitude goes to an ultra kiasu website which is also anti-Malay and anti-Islamic, the Malaysian Insider for willing to review and published my article in their site. Pity them, the article and the good comments that supported me were filtered out and were not published, while the bad and negative were exaggerated, instead. The website is so ultra kiasu. We should request the Communications and Multimedia Commission to monitor the website. They deliberately did this so that I will be condemned and criticized, including among the Malays themselves which I think were not many, in order for me to surrender or to kill my character (character assassination). Well, these are the reality of life that I have to face. The acquaintances of the ultra kiasu are many, the camouflage enemy acting good externally but are actually evil internally. As usual they also associate me as a mercenary writer and an UMNO collaborator.

Honestly, nobody ever forced me to write. It comes from the conscience of a Muslim who wants Islam to return with a strong hold on this earth. Back to the subject website, I have only one advice for them, which are to argue the facts intellectually. Avoid using obscene and abusive words. When I write, I am ethical and carefully guarding my morality and do not personally attack anyone at all. I do not act like the website manipulating and provoking every issue. I was not disturbed at all by the ultra kiasu comments but instead they actually even made me stronger to write and to be grateful to live in this fortunate land.

For those who are ultra kiasu, why are you so apprehensive? There were many Malay writers denouncing the Malays and Islam, but the Malay Muslims were unperturbed. They don't react that easily and do not use insulting words to the extent of accusing the writers' descendants. These characteristic of the Malays deserve my respect very highly. Unfortunately, when I touched just a little about a group in my race who is ultra kiasu, it became as though Malaysia has no other issues, whereby the whole ultra kiasu groups came together to condemn, insulted and used offensive words against me and my descendants. This is the difference between the Malay Muslims and my race. Therefore, do not be baffled if I come forward to defend Islam and to create awareness among the Malays before it is too late. I am not God to change the Malays, not acting more Malay than the Malays, but I am just using my capacity doing my obligation as a Muslim, eventually we may become strong. Just imagine if the ultra kiasu is to administer the country, what will happen to the religion and race of this nation in this noble land of ours?

I think the characteristic of the Malays being too tolerant is because they are Muslims. This is also one of the factors that I embraced Islam with Allah's blessings. If it was destined that the Malays were not Muslims, I will not be concerned. Religion unites all of us all regardless of race, without denying the rights of the non-Muslims. However, I am still worried whether too much tolerant can forever be accomplished until those being honored became ungrateful? Is it true with the sayings that the Malays forget easily to the extent of making the others always remember? Thus, because of this forgetfulness, the ultra kiasu became an opportunist and rude.

Just observe how the ultra kiasu thinks, if there are writings in favor of the Malay Muslims then I am associated with UMNO. Was it true that all this while when UMNO leads the country, the ultra kiasu suffered and was oppressed? Were the wealth owned by the non Malays which exceeded 70 percent were the result of their own efforts and not because of the system practiced by the nation which was led by the Muslims who allows the non-Muslims to have a pleasant life after all? If all the Malay Muslims were bad, obviously the non-Muslims would have no place in this land! Why not be grateful for enjoying the benefits? Is my formula currently being practiced?

Are they actually that good in administering both Selangor and Penang? I do not see any difference. If in the Municipal Council, look at the faces and how greedy were they grabbing the municipal projects. Previously, it was the UMNO cronies, but now when they are administering, were they not their own cronies? They are all alike. Will the jet engines not disappear if the ultra kiasu is the administrator? Are all the ultra kiasu executive councils in the coalition clean in terms of personal character and administration of the state?

I am not saying that UMNO is all well. UMNO also must change in the aspect of personal moral leadership and in managing the country that if they still want to remain relevant in getting the Rakyat's confidence. Don't wait until the ultra kiasu group succeeds to administer. When the ultra kiasu group succeeds to administer later, we will eventually regret for life. By then, there's no use crying even with tears of blood.

Remember, this ultra kiasu group consists of very cunning people. They are deliberately ruthless and ignorant. I dare to label someone because my research was on the perceptions of the Chinese on the Malay politics in my doctorate thesis. The term ultra kiasu, average kiasu and less kiasu were the scales of my research. Those who were barking, had they ever made any research? I am not a Muslim scholar, as what they claimed me to be for as my field of research was related to politics and government. However, that does not mean that I should allow myself to be ignorant without learning about Islam!

I was asked to produce the facts with my writings. Are my writings all these while not based on facts? Besides, I am not writing journals. No need to advise me who were Thomas Hobbes and John Locke when talking about the social contract. Read also the opinions of Rousseau to understand the actual meaning of the social contract. Don't just quote words which are not in favor of own self merely for the purpose to be viewed as intelligent on one self but in fact is not!

I'm not interested to quote the words of these western scholars even though I had read most of their books. I'm more interested in the opinions of the Muslims, because the Muslims based their opinions from the Quran and Hadith. They are not easy to be manipulated. Do not allow ourselves to be ignorant. The Malaysian Insider and the ultra kiasu like very much these types of ignorant people for eventually they can be turned into the followers of Santa Claus.

Don't just take for granted that they have the 'moon' with them. If indeed there is a 'moon' in them, they would have a long time ago prohibited alcohol, adultery, 4 digits lottery and so forth. But they are very cunning; they disguised themselves to follow Umar Abdul Aziz just to ‘melt’ our hearts and spirits. When they are already 'melted', they will be easier to welcome Santa Claus. Have we so easily forgotten on the alcohol issues and the allegations on Jamaah Islam Malaysia (JIM) as extremist? Just because of politics, the significance of Islam and its followers are ignored.

They were so easily wound up with the formula that I wrote that based on the percentage of race (religion), 60% Muslim, 40% non-Malay (22% Buddhist-Taoism-Confucius, Christian 9%, 6% Hindu, 3% others) and in relation to the festivals and religious activities. I had already stated that on the basis of tolerance, the formula was never implemented. The question is whether their rights were ever denied all this while in contrast to what that had been written by the ultra kiasu website? If the website can write whatever they like, why can't I? Is their news not racist? Must it be that bad to accuse other people as criminals?

If you are not agreeable with my method, then provide the ultra kiasu formula. But basically it must be constitutional and not Malaysian Malaysia. If it is a Malaysian Malaysia formula, then it is better to discuss with Lee Kuan Yew to migrate there. Open a new website over there, and try to criticize the Singapore government, and I think the site would had been discarded a long time ago, let alone to open their own schools.

I remembered the latest book written by SP Huntington entitled ‘Who are we’. He wrote that America had taken the approach of assimilating all the races who came to migrate since the beginning in order to achieve unity. Basing on Huntington opinions, there are no questions arises that America is more open as alleged by this ultra kiasu group. Why they can accept Barack H. Obama to be the President? The answer is simple because Obama is whiter than the white people even though his skin is black. Why are we having problems today? The reason is because we had to deal with the ultra kiasu who are untouchables. Their attitude is of no different from where they originated.

Try asking and research on why the Siam people can accept non-Siam (Chinese) as Prime Minister such as Chuan Leekpai and Taksin Shinawatra. It is the same situation with Obama. Are we in the same situation? Do not gimmick. Tok Guru does not have to alter the constitution of Kelantan to appoint the non-Malay Muslims as chief minister. This is because the non-Malays there are very small in numbers. Take care and provide guidance to the newly converts who are still wandering around over there, which are more beneficial than making hasty political actions.

I think my sins of raising the ultra kiasu issues are not as bad as namewee issues offending the Negaraku anthem and disgracing our country together with his latest video clip where he used offensive and obscene words. Why are the ultra kiasu not condemning his actions, instead many are supporting him? Why so emotional when raising this matter? Isn't this ultra kiasu? I also have the right to speak in a democratic country. If you cannot agree with me, then argue in a sensible and educated manner.

I have never denied the rights of the non-Muslims for being the minorities in this country. If I do so, it simply means that I am denying my ethnicity. Know the limits and appreciate the tolerance that has been given. Do not be boastful with idealism when own self is not perfect. The Malays are very tolerant to the extent that their rights are eroding and they are not even making noise. That's why I have to create awareness in them. I fear that if the Malays are destroyed, the sanctity religion of Islam would also be crushed. I do not dispute their rights, but not to the extent of sinking the majority rights of Islam.

I write not to win the hearts of anyone or to be popular. If merely for popularity, I am already popular since before. I just had to write because those being honored by us are already forgetting themselves. I fear that this small group of the ultra kiasu will cause damage to all the non-Malays who are less kiasu. Those who are less kiasu should be appreciated and be protected against the ultra kiasu. The ultra kiasu must remember that whatever happens today, the Malays only lose for a short-term. In the long term, I do not think they will lose. The numbers of the Malays are increasing basing on the birth trends, as well as those who join the security forces such as the military and police. Whatever happens later, the security forces are responsible for this country. If this happens, who are the losers? Obviously the non-Malays who are the less kiasu will lose. The ultra kiasu group will certainly run off.

At times my tears trickled down thinking of the future of Islam and the Muslims. It is not because of kiasi (fear of death), but thinking about what our great grandchildren who will inherit our struggle for defending the dignity of the religion, race and country! Or will they also be 'melted' with the cunning strategies of this ultra kiasu group? If this happens, then it is very unfortunate for Malaysia, a country which was born with the name of Malaya. It is already enough with whatever that had happened. Do not repeat the same mistakes. If we make the same mistakes again, I am worried there is no turning back. Remember, sometimes Allah gave us the opportunity and at times not. Islam can never ascend as long as the Muslims do not adjust their thinking.

Look at how the Prophet treated them before Islam and after conversion. Remember this verse in the Quran that do not deny the rights of the non-Muslims; "O ye who believe! if any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him,- lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the way of Allah, and never afraid of the reproaches of such as find fault. That is the grace of Allah, which He will bestow on whom He pleases. And Allah encompasses all, and He knows all things." [Al-Maidah, verse 54]

This verse commands us to be gentle with the Muslims. It also ordered us to be firmed and to have a strong attitude with the ultra kiasu non-Muslims. Therefore we must not provide the same treatment of gentleness to every non-Muslim. Take a look at whether they are ultra, average or less kiasu. Especially if they have done so much damages to this earth such as the Kafir Harbi. Is it necessary for us to compromise with them?


  1. Apparently your kids are attending Chinese schools and you wrote a paper condemning vernacular school system at the same time?

  2. Dear Mr X. It is becomingly clear that fault findings by the people who advocate extreme racist love to demean Dr. Riduan Tee by higlighting facts which are deemed contradictory with Dr. Ridhuan Tee. It is intended to make Dr. Ridhuan Tee an inconsistent and has mala fide intentions in his writings. Well Mr. X, DAP hates UMNO and BN, PKR too and PAS too but ironically they all send their children to universities and schools which are fully sponsored by those they hate. Their MPs and DUNs are also enjoy the rakyat monies paid through taxes which are administered by those they hate. You and the your bunch are most inconsistent and more mala fide compare to the act of Dr Ridhuan Tee sending his children to a vernacular school. I suggest that you and your bunch of people to surrender your citizenship before you inisuating Dr. Ridhuan Tee to pull out his children from vernacular school in order to prove his good intentions.

  3. Mr Tee, what you have written can only be true base on one condition: "Malay and Muslim is the truth for everything, other races and religions only exist under the mercy of their tolerance."
    This assumption by itself already oppose the principle of equality and freedom of a human being. For me, I don't see Malay and Islam is having any less right than others, if not more. You start the argument from a wrong assumption, therefore your conclusion must be wrong too. Please do not disregard the spirit of equality which is well stated in our constitution.
    Base on your assumption, I think most of us can conclude that you are a extremist that our leader is condemning all the time, who try to create resentment among us.