Monday, August 17, 2009

Accused guilty to the ancestor

Accused guilty to the ancestor
(Mingguan Malaysia, 16 August)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

I continued to be criticized greatly by every Chinese press each day manipulating my writings to attract sympathy. As if already there is no other news for them to report. What is more distressing is that the Chinese and English websites also followed sued with drumming the rhythm started by this racist press. I was condemned and was deeply criticized with offensive words to an unimaginable extend that one would not believe that such a creature exist in this modern world.

I was also being accused as a traitor in my own race. I want to ask, what is the meaning of traitor? Who is a traitor? Traitors are those who wish to legalise ways to achieve evil objectives and cater to their greedy lust. Willing to insult the teachings of the religion and their own race by defending what is evil. Bringing down people's dignity by legalise the illegal and ban the legal. That is in fact a traitor with its own race. They are view as very low moral in the eye of the Almighty God.

I want ask to Mingguan Malaysia readers, should I file a summon against these newspapers? If I should, please provide your comments in my blog site, Do we need to teach them a lesson?

I hope after that they will become more civilized and humble in writing news as contained in The Country's Rukun Negara. I think, the purpose of the press, especially China Press, defamed me could be to hide their weakness.

I believe it is also to protect a particular person personal interest and certain political parties especially DAP, which just started getting a little power has started revealing true colours. I urge the Home Ministry to read and evaluate the news and articles of this kiasu press for instead of attacking the article I wrote, the attack turn out to be personal on me and further inculcated hatred of the Chinese people against me. This press merely interested about their sales without considering the consequences that may resulted from their actions.

In fact the issue is about legalizing an illegitimate child or a bastard. Is it wrong if I view from the religion perspective? I refer to all illegitimate child and by this event include the deceased. I was criticized as insensitive to the late family and I was accused to make a cardinal sin to my ancestors and all my family roots. All my family roots were alleged to be angry and their bones rattles in the grave for giving birth to a person like me.

I accept this attack with a heavy heart, sad and degraded, although too bitter to accept because I am also a human. I have emotions and feelings. The Chinese press (China Press, Nanyang Siang Pau) deliberately published my picture in the front page with an evil intention to smear my reputation so that I will be hated by the Chinese people.

My question is why are they not translating my article as a whole and published into the newspapers for the readers to judge? Let the readers evaluate impartially. Not taking some of my article and manipulated. I think the situation will be different if the Chinese people read the whole article that I wrote in Mingguan Malaysia instead of the twisted and the additional spin off provided by them.

I seek Allah SWT to give me strength to face such challenges. As a person living in a democratic country, I cannot avoid if they want to insult or spit at me, only one thing that really matters, do not insult the religion of Islam that I professed. I live and die because of Islam. Islam is too dignified and holy. I do not mind being disgraced by my own race, as long as I am not disgrace by Allah SWT, InsyaAllah.

I would like to emphasize that as a follower of the Islamic religion, I was taught to respect other religions. Hence, I will not criticize other religion even though I have left the teachings or the religion. I always see the good in the teachings of other religions, with the purpose that we return to the teachings of our respective religions. Without religion, who are we today.

Let us realize that our present nobility are because of religion, which also include those in China Press.

China Press deliberately inculcated hatred in the Chinese people towards me. My article was manipulated maliciously. I am not sure whether their editor understand the Malay language. When I say some of the Chinese viz referring to DAP attitude of ultra kiasu, China Press translates as all Chinese.

Frankly, I had never deny altogether Chinese are good and has contributed to the development in this country. Only, I wish to remind this press to learn to translate properly. We have achieved 52 years of independence. The Malay language as the national language need to be understood and to be treated as the common language. Otherwise, we would be living in a kiasu cocoon.

This is the consequence when we were separated since small through the different education systems and the Malay language as national language was not enforced. Consequently, our good faith is misunderstood or may have been deliberately misunderstood. If Utusan Melayu press is said to be the UMNO official press organ, then what is China Press and those associate with it are whose official press? This is the question we should also ask.

I would like to suggest to the Government that this racist newspapers be compelled to translate their press into the Malay language as insertion. This is aimed so that the Malays can also read and understand how well is their intention in news reporting and written articles, beside providing respect to the Malay language as the national language. Do not always accuse other people of wrong doing. Are we that perfect until cannot be reprimanded?

The followings is the issue that I meant, "Alhamdulillah, with this event and article, I understand the ultra nature kiasu of my race which I have been studying all this while. I just realized that there are some hypocrite in my race. They have not been thankful instead are very afraid to lose and always want to win (kiasu). Fact and truth being misled to obtain sympathy and hidden political agenda." (Weekly Malaysia 9 August).

Does the China Press journalist understand what is the meaning of some in this case? Some means a small part, not all. But China Press translated it to all. May be the China Press editor may recommend that the journalist or together with the editor to attend the Malay language course.

Am I guilty to reprimand a wrong that is already banned by other religion? Is it a sin to speak the truth? Are those who practice the prohibited such as committing adultery considered to be innocent to their parents and ancestors? Do we want to allow all indecent behavior in the name of democracy? If that is the situation, there is no need to have laws or rule of law? Study the noble teachings of each respective religion. Remember, if you have one finger pointing at me, you have got the other four pointing back at you.

Did not China Press realizes that sometimes those who are pregnant out of wedlock resolved by abortion. There were also some who chose to commit suicide. Some were forced marriage because of pregnancy. If pregnancy can be avoided, then free sex and adultery will continue. Do we want to legalise what is not legal? Will this be an abuse to all the women? Imagine if this is happening to our sisters.

Therefore, in this case the teachings of the religion has a role in the rule of law. Is it not better to legally married before starting to have a relationship as a husband and wife? Is it not the best way? Why must the women be abused? I want to ask, is my statement wrong? I am eager to know and hear, does free sex or extra-marital sex allowed by other religion? Do not ask my opinion.

What has happened is a lesson. I wish to advise all parents to take good care of their children. We may not know what would happen in the future. What is important is that we should refrain from doing what is forbidden and prohibited by God which include drinking liquor, because it is also prohibited by all religion. Fear God, and do not be afraid if we are in the correct path.

We should also not be afraid if we are not from the ultra kiasu group. However, by seeing some of their reactions, it is definite that they are very ultra kiasu. Whose heart is not hurt when seeing their reaction when requested to wear the songkok on the parliament openings before the sultan? This ultra kiasu group deny wearing the songkok as a head dress because they do not want to be assimilated as Malays. Only to use songkok during two hours has been regarded they 'diMelayukan'. Compared to our Malay leaders eating using chop sticks, wearing Chinese traditional costume, stir yee sang during Chinese New Year etc.

When the Malays are acculturated in that way, they said this is the spirit of one Malaysia. When they were ordered to wear the songkok as head dress and Malay costume during official function, we were instead being accused as denying the non-Malay rights or trying assimilate them. What an enormity of contradiction and gap?


  1. WAHAM

    Sesekali ~
    Hadirlah bersama ~

    Roh mu ~
    Roh ku ~

    Untuk sekali ~
    Hanya sekali ~

    Rasa ~
    Apa yang aku rasa ~
    Lihat ~
    Apa yang aku lihat ~
    Mengerti ~
    Apa yang aku mengerti ~
    Percaya ~
    Apa yang aku percaya ~

    Rasailah ~

    Dan ~

    Untuk sekali ~
    Hanya sekali ~

    Faham ~

    Hak cipta : margajebat

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Just a short note quoted from the elders;

    The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice.
    It is only those who are in constant revolt that discover what is true, not the man who conforms, who follows some tradition. It is only when you are constantly inquiring, constantly observing, constantly learning, that you find truth, God, or love.
    Salam hurmat,