Sunday, September 20, 2009

Malays 'melt' easily when praised

(Mingguan Malaysia, 20 September)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

Sometimes I am puzzled why the Malays can easily 'melt' when listening to non-Muslims speak on Islam or praising Islam or quoting just a few verses of the Quran. Take for instances, the speeches made by a few non-Muslim opposition leaders who cited several holy verses of the Quran and on the manner of the approach of good governance taken by the state government of Umar Abdul Aziz.

True enough, on one angle it goes to show the non-Muslims interest towards Islam. But we must remind ourselves; do they really have faith or believe in the Quran or just acting merely to deceive the Malay Muslims? I am quite confident that this group is able to read and understand the psychology of the Malays. Perhaps the Malays can provide the answer whether they have actually understood their psychology?

The Malays easily 'melt'. Usually they are easily amazed and fascinated when others praised their race and religion. Hence, they will defend until death on their race and religion without hesitation. They will salute those who said, 'look, even the non-Muslims want Islam, whereas the Muslims themselves reject Islam'.

Furthermore, they will start preaching these words everywhere, even rejecting those with the same faith that are willing to stretch their hands to be their friends. The friendships extended by those with the same faith were not only rejected without reservation but with negative assumptions and prejudices. They are willing to cooperate with the non-Muslims instead from the Muslims themselves.

We never learn nor even want to learn from history, when faced with this group of wolf in sheep skin. Experience is the mother of all knowledge. They have never agreed with Islam; what else with the Islamic agenda to establish an Islamic state and Islamic laws. It is crystal clear why they have rejected all this while. Have we not heard the words, "over my dead body on the establishment of an Islamic state", "Malaysia is a secular state", "Malaysia is not owned by the Malays", "Malay is also immigrants" and various statements that are hurtful.

Will the Malays not realize their agenda? Are we not afraid on the threat of this group on our religion? Have we forgotten that this party has good relations with the party that ruled the country of Singapore which is also a fragmented party from it? What would happen if they decided to collaborate in order to weaken us?

Have we not learned from the actions taken by Singapore which were questionable? Was it not enough with the loss of Pulau Batu Putih and the constant airspace intrusion? That's not included the water retention pond in Johor which was completely controlled by the Singapore army even we ourselves are not permissible to enter. Not also excluding, the lands that have been mortgaged to them. In other words, Singapore never wants to share with us. They are ultra kiasu. Anything that will jeopardize their interest, will be completely opposed such as the issues on the water agreement, the Causeway demolishment and the replacement with a crooked bridge.

Back to the issue on the party fragmented from the main that ruled Singapore today; do they really intend or will implement the rule of Umar Abdul Aziz, when they actually rule? Is the ruling of Umar Abdul Aziz merely to combat corruption? What about the religious life style values held up by Umar Abdul Aziz? Has this group exhibits the values of that religion?

I was attacked and denounced by this group, just because I defended the prohibition of adultery and alcohol. For them these are human rights. I am confident that one day they will also justify that homosexual be accepted as what being tried in Singapore. For them the human rights must be defended compared to the rights of the Almighty God. Is this the kind of Umar Abdul Aziz ruling?

Do not be deceived by this group. If they really want to establish the rule of Umar Abdul Aziz, the party would have appointed its ally, which is known to fight for Islam as one of the state exco in one of the state ruled by them. This is because its ally was already known with the 'clean' image seemed to be like 'Umar Abdul Aziz'! But where are the positions of its partners in the state? To me, they had never liked the Islamic policies that its ally brought with them. They are very prejudice against their ally. Meaning, they are also prejudice against Islam. This is very clear. I do not need to teach their ally because it's already clear cut. Issues related on their rude attitude pertaining to alcohol and their charges against the Jamaah Islah Malaysia as a religious extremist have clearly shown their true colors. There are many other examples of their arrogance on Islam.


Umar Abdul Aziz strengthened the Islamic identity in its rule. What Islamic identity has been preserved in the state ruled by this kiasu group? What I have known is that the Malay Muslims identity is eroding continuously in their ruling state. Names of signs, eatery places (food courts) or the building's name are no longer there to noble the Malay language as the national language?

I did not say that the previous state government was better. But if we truly want to follow Umar Abdul Aziz, obviously we need to show that we are better than before. Because of Umar Abdul Aziz high integrity, Umar did not put aside the identity of the Arabs as the original inhabitants. The al-Quran language was strengthened everywhere. What about Malaysia as a country that derived from the Malay Land? Is the position of the Malay language as the national language protected?

We need to be reminded that Umar Abdul Aziz was not concerned about wealth and grandeur but instead chose to live in simplicity. Despite of the undivided support from the people, he encouraged the people to choose a new Caliph if they were not satisfied with his ruling. Umar also divided the Umayyad colony to the people and very rarely receive any presents for fear of being bribed. He also urged his related families to donate their jewelleries to the public treasury.

Umar rejected the government's attitude of appointing its own officers to monitor the people. Instead, Umar appointed the public to monitor him and his behavior. If the public found him making an error, Umar Abdul Aziz will ask to be guided or to restrict him from making such error.

I hope the Muslims would not feel cheated with the highlights on the reign of Umar Abdul Aziz by this kiasu group. After over 52 years, have we not recognized their sincerity and what are in their hearts? Can we cooperate with these people, when they were encouraged to wear the songkok on the parliament's opening before the sultan, these group rejected ultimately? Let alone to wear the baju Melayu?

Have we realized that all this while, this group is strongly against Islam or on Islamic states? Look at the history of their resistance against Islamic laws and against the declaration as a Islamic country by the former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamed. The declaration as a Islamic country at that time was only on the country's name itself, and not on the actual implementation of the law. If truely the Islamic law was to be implemented, how would they have actually conducted themselves? The question is whether the pattern of governance of Umar Abdul Aziz not based on Islam? These questions can only be answered by this kiasu group.

The partners in the alliance argued that those were the views of old generation or older generations. The new generation does not have such thinking. After making an in depth research on this kiasu party, I do not see any difference between the new and old generations. It is the same. If what is being championed is a Malaysian Malaysia as what championed by the People's Action Party (PAP), then I will never believe them at all.

Therefore, let's not gamble the future for the sake of achieving today's national interests. Whatever has clashes between the interests of the future with the present, hence the future must be prioritized. Similarly, the importance of the country's future with the interests of party or ethnic group, the country's future must be prioritized. Similarly, if the religion interests clashes with the race interests, then religion must be put first.


Never allow ourselves to be played down nor to be taken advantaged of. Do not be a slave in your own land. But stand up to defend your rights without denying the rights of others. Otherwise, we will regret. I am worried when the time comes, it will be too late. Rice has turned into porridge. Before it happens, let us stand together and reflect on our future and Islam.

Do not only use the name of Umar Abdul Aziz, just to win the hearts of the Malay that 'melt' easily. Today, the Malays are not stupid. They are savvy with these dirty tactics. Go back to the human virtue. Indeed, this day of victory promised us that the right remains right and the wrong remains wrong. In conjunction with this Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, let's appreciate the return of human virtue that is clean from sin and stain by studying the purity of Islam itself before trusting others 'more'. I fear we will be fooled by this illusion game. In the end, it will be our own loss. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.

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