Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freeing the Racism Education

(Mingguan Malaysia, 30 August)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

Education is one of the important element in the formation of a nation state. The form of education born will determine whether the national agenda is achievable or not. If the shaped of the education system is racist, then racism is the finishing.

So far, only Malaysia is the single country in this world which possess various educations according to race or vernacular. This is what being claimed by certain group as the Malaysian strength. Yes, from one angle it is a strength. But from another angle, we see when the government proposal to unify the education system based on 1Malaysia concept, without denying other people's rights to receive education on their mother's tongue, immediately this group would lodged a police report and accused the government as absurd.

I hereby applauded the attitude of the natives of Sabah and Sarawak as indigenous people, as they do not claim school based on race. Otherwise, I do not know where is the national education heading?

This compromise must be acknowledged. Malay and the natives do not have their own school. What exist is a national school for all. This system has been globally practiced. If there is racism education in the system, it has been destroyed. All form of education is standardized to achieve national goals. For example, Thailand, Indonesia and other developed countries.

We should think ahead although bitterly unacceptable. After 52 years of independence, our education system is still not yet independent but is shackled instead. Every race is still idle in the education system cocoon respectively. Malays still believe on national education system for all, but persist in racism system, the Indian with Indian system and Chinese with Chinese system. Our life in fact is more separated and secluded.

For a start, let me begin with the study that I had been doing on the Chinese education system in particular, being the second largest majority. Generally, Chinese falls into two teams. One group is known as Hua Ch'iao (overseas Chinese) which is of China citizenship. Another was Ma Hua, considering themselves as Malayan Chinese, most born in Malaya consider Malaya as their country.

Wang Gungwu (1970), divided the Malaysian Chinese to three groups namely A, B and C. Group A can be categorized as the minority group compared to the others. They still maintained contacts with the politics in China, either directly or not, and is still concern on China's future. This group is not that dominant as group B or C.

Group B is made up of the stubborn group. Majority behave realistic and indirectly questioned heavily on the business politics and community organization. Most of them are very active in the non-government organizations (NGO).

They have in depth influence with the Chinese community, frequently pressuring the government. This is the ultra kiasu group which I always mentioned. This group is in the education organization (NGO), political and press.

Group C also has great interest in the country's politics. Wang Gungwu categorized them as not very sure of their own identity but loyal to the country generally.

The Gungwu's opinions were also agreed by Rita Sim and F.K. Soong, of the Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research (INSAP). According to them, there are two types of Chinese group from the overall total of 6.5 millions.

First group, representing 85-90 percent Chinese, with a background of Chinese racism, maintains three principles, joining the Chinese organizations, Chinese educated and read / hear / watch Chinese media. Meanwhile, the remainder representing the second group of 10-15 percent, is the English-speaking group or group which are English educated and are not Chinese educated. Most of them are Christians, Peranakan Chinese and join the Lions club and Rotary.

This categorization is already enough to prove Yew Yeok Kim's studies (1973, 1982) and Leo Suryadinata (1989) on the attitude of getting Chinese education and not Chinese stream. Chinese students which obtains English education (including national education) has less Chinese identity, mix easily with the other races and facilitate the national integration process. On the other hand, those who are Chinese school educated has the opposite attitude.

All these evidence obviously shows the society position and polarization in our country inherited from the current education system all this while. This system had influenced our life currently. Consequently, we have group placing their communal interests ahead of the national interest. The communal language presided the national language.

We take an instance of the Malay language in typical community school. The Malay language was only taught three times a week compared to the Chinese language which was taught daily. This does not include other subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Living Skills, Moral Education, Civics and Local Study which were also taught in the same language. I would like to suggest to the Education Ministry to increase the learning time of the Malay language subject, at least at par with the Chinese language subject. Otherwise, the position of the Malay language as the national language will have no meanings.

I am able to share this point of view because I had experienced a relatively wide interactions with the Chinese school. All my children had their primary education in the Chinese school. Co-incidentally, I was also the President of the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA), in one of the secondary schools with Chinese students majority who came from the Chinese primary schools (SJKC). I was further made to understand on my own race problems, especially the Malay language and educating of the mother's tongue language.

Generally, through experience and observation, the Malay language competence among the Chinese students is low. Therefore, the remove classes were created when they further their education to the secondary level. For those not in the remove classes, does not mean that their mastery of the Malay language is good. The Malay language is considered as a means to sit for examinations compared to the purpose for interactions and understandings as the national language. This is today's national education system dilemma.

Sometimes I am puzzled that which ever ways the government tried to unify the education system without denying the rights of every race, there are still strong oppositions. This oppositions being the prejudices that the government has an agenda to end the Chinese school systematically. This is the form of thinking after 52 years of independence.

Now, the education position of the Chinese has never been threatened but has increased instead, especially its financial position. In the SJKC my child studied, the financial statement for the year ended exceeded RM1 million every year. This shows that the supports indicated by the Chinese on their education as solid and substantial. Meanwhile the national education is increasingly threatened and eroded. Although various effort initiated by the government for a one system school without ruling out the rights of other race to learn the mother's tongue, however it was still being rejected.

In my opinion, if this is the current form of education, we are still not yet independent in the real meaning. Our thinking is still being shackled with racism thinking. Have a 52nd independence day celebrations.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Threat of Press Racism to Unity

(Mingguan Malaysia, 23 August)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

Racial politics in Malaysia, not only merely visible with the existence of political parties based on race, but mass media also play its parts, especially print media like those shown by the Chinese press and magazine. They seem to be untouchable. They will attack to defend themselves against those that is not in the same direction with them.

This is the consequence when we do not enforce the sovereignty position of the Malay language as the national language. Unfortunately, we did not impose any conditions for the racism article to be translated into the Malay language which rightfully to respect its position in the constitution. This opportunity has being taken advantaged to further strengthen their position instead. The end result they lived in the kiasu cocoon and full of racism, instilling hatred to those imagined as threat, such as the fate befallen on me.

Such news usually receive good response and easily believe by their readers. In the latest Nanyang Siang Pau newspaper it has be quoted by several Chinese opinions among which they viewed that the Chinese muslims convert try to get the Malay sympathy by showing off their Islamic ways.

I would like to stress here that a Chinese muslim convert need not do so on the Malays, because the characteristic of the Islamic religion itself has taught the Malays to welcome anyone who embrace Islam, regardless of what their racial background.

The Malays who understand Islam is not that bad as imagined. They have high tolerance. If they can accept the many Chinese who migrated into their Malay environment, to the extend that their position as the indigenous people is being threatened, it is not impossible for them to receive the newly converted Muslim Chinese like us. It is just that I am amazed that why until to this day, it is very hard for the Chinese to accept the Chinese muslim as also a part of them?

This is the Malay-Muslim nature which I praise greatly. They are not like some other ultra kiasu party. I do not require any sympathy to write something about the truth. Let alone to be paid by UMNO as claimed by the Chinese press.

A person's dignity is decided by its faith and piety, not by race nor by the skin colour. This is the nobility of Islam as a whole which is also totally against any racism. Therefore, it is never difficult for the Malays to accept others, compared to those who are living in the kiasu cocoon, especially the press which like to condemn and defame other people.

If my argumentation or facts are wrong, let's correct them by arguing intellectually with facts, instead of condemning and instilling hatred feelings. The later action is very unprofessional.

Before I go further, allow me to slide the press history on racism a little bit. In fact the numbers of the Chinese dailies outnumbered the Malay dailies in this Malay land. This is the Malay fate in the Malay land. Its own language as the national language is lost in its own land. Language of others control the press and the mass media field, until the national language is put aside. Much more unfortunate, generally the Malays could not understand what are the news being reported by the racist dailies. Meanwhile, the Malay newspapers can be considered as unread by the non-Malays at all.

If surveyed from beginning to this day, these newspapers reports have never changed. Reports were racism and kiasu. This sentiments has always been played to achieve the supports from their own race. In this way, the press manage to sustain and stays profitable. Their thinking has never changed, especially on government issues and policies which are more in favor to the Malays like those that had been embodied in the constitution.

This is the popular culture frequently used to increase Chinese spirits and sentiments. This fact have been admitted before by Parti Gerakan Advisor, Lim Keng Yaik who said that the press in Malaysia only champion their race only. Chinese press with Chinese sentiments, while the Malay newspapers with Malay sentiments. Keng Yaik said that this style of reporting will not result a Malaysian race.

My question, can we create a Malaysian race, if another language press is more dominating than the national language press? Malay language newspaper can be considered as unread and not bought by the ethnic Chinese society, except by those in Sin Chew, Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press and the other Chinese press. The reasons are no other than to seek out any sensation news to be republished as more sensationalized so to become more kiasu.

Although sometimes the Malay press such as Utusan Malaysia relays and write news that augurs racism, the fact is they are being transparent. That language of the newspaper is understandable by all Malaysian citizen, including those in the Chinese press sector. However, what about the other language press? What is being reported is not accessible to the Malays.


I am confident, if the Malays understand Mandarin, they would be shocked with the reports by this racist newspaper. Therefore, this racist press should be compelled to translate their reports into Malay as insertions to be understood by all races so that there will not be any prejudices arises. The position of the Malay language as written in the constitution must be respected and complied.

According to A.F. Yasin (1986), the non-Malay press history in Malaya in particular the Chinese language newspaper, English and Tamil, does not seem to reflect nationalism, but more emphasizing their own cluster.

Since beginning, these newspapers were ignoring matters related to Malaya the country that they were operating from, but more towards racial issues only. Non-Malay press were more prone on its readers, and prejudices or ‘attacking' on the Malay race, emphasizing with a tendency to incline towards their origin country. English newspapers incline towards colonist and Europe, while Chinese press on the battle field of ideologies in mainland China.

During that time, many of this Chinese press activist were imported specially from Hong Kong and China. His study also indicated that historically the Chinese voice always in contrast with the Malay voice. The early history of the Chinese press originated at the end of the 19th century reporting efforts of immigrants and traders in related Chinese economy newscasts involving in business and trade. Starting with The Chinese Monthly Magazine press produced in 6 August 1815.

In the year 1881, born the first Chinese daily Lat Pau (1881 1932), taking the Chinese press format and form in China and Hong Kong. Lat Pau predominates the influence on the Chinese because the news coverage defend the interest of the Chinese people and newscasts the state of China.

Lat Pau was short lived because of strong rival from Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin Chew Daily. Between other newspapers that cannot endure as long as Lat Pau was Thien Nan Shih Pao (1898 1905), Jit Shin Pao (1899 1901) and Theo Lam Jit Poh (1904 1905). The Chinese press that sustained until to this day is Sin Chew Daily (15 January 1929) and Nanyang Siang Pau (6 September 1923) are fully owned by businessman and Chinese political.

Meanwhile the China Press press is a Chinese racist press that was inspired by HS Lee in year 1 February 1946. This press have been banned once before by the court, especially after 13 May 1969 incident. This press emits racism. For information, in fact, this press is well-received from the Chinese community compared to the other newspapers because of the courageous to report any issues including touching the Malay and Islamic sensitive issues. This press is produced twice-a-day. I am puzzled, why China Press do not use the name Chinese Press.

What is their intention to use China? I think China Press can only provide this answer.

Yet, the issues being struggled remains the same, does not vary much. For example, education matters, economy, Malay sovereignty (native) were among the issues continued to be debated until to the climax in year 1987. The researches conclusion on the studies of Chinese press history indicated that newspapers based on ethnic backgrounds have never run away from racial sentiments and kiasu. They frequently ‘attack' the Malay and Islamic people.

I still remembered when the 57th UMNO General Assembly (13-17 November) news were reported in the Chinese press. It was undeniable, racial issues were played out by UMNO. Newspapers dominated by Chinese further manipulated the racial issues being discussed until raising fear to the Chinese community itself. The previous UMNO President was forced to intervene by giving warning to the several Chinese press not to play racial sentiments after several UMNO delegates brought up the sensitive issues which worried some non-Malay communities.

According to him, UMNO can speak of ‘Malay agenda', MCA also can speak of Chinese Agenda, similarly with MIC on Indian Agenda. What is important is the National Agenda. My question, how can National Agenda reach to the grass roots if we continue to be in the racism cluster and kiasu?

Obviously the perceptions of the Chinese community become increasingly serious when racism media continue exaggerating (sensationalize) popular issues connecting the Islamic religion and privilege status of the Malay race which had been embodied in the constitution. This issue is used arbitrary without thinking of the consequences. Issues that are against them will be fought without any reservation. However, issues siding them, they will on their part kept quiet.

As a result, various unhealthy perceptions emerge. Perceptions like this will distant ethnic relations.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Accused guilty to the ancestor

Accused guilty to the ancestor
(Mingguan Malaysia, 16 August)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

I continued to be criticized greatly by every Chinese press each day manipulating my writings to attract sympathy. As if already there is no other news for them to report. What is more distressing is that the Chinese and English websites also followed sued with drumming the rhythm started by this racist press. I was condemned and was deeply criticized with offensive words to an unimaginable extend that one would not believe that such a creature exist in this modern world.

I was also being accused as a traitor in my own race. I want to ask, what is the meaning of traitor? Who is a traitor? Traitors are those who wish to legalise ways to achieve evil objectives and cater to their greedy lust. Willing to insult the teachings of the religion and their own race by defending what is evil. Bringing down people's dignity by legalise the illegal and ban the legal. That is in fact a traitor with its own race. They are view as very low moral in the eye of the Almighty God.

I want ask to Mingguan Malaysia readers, should I file a summon against these newspapers? If I should, please provide your comments in my blog site, Do we need to teach them a lesson?

I hope after that they will become more civilized and humble in writing news as contained in The Country's Rukun Negara. I think, the purpose of the press, especially China Press, defamed me could be to hide their weakness.

I believe it is also to protect a particular person personal interest and certain political parties especially DAP, which just started getting a little power has started revealing true colours. I urge the Home Ministry to read and evaluate the news and articles of this kiasu press for instead of attacking the article I wrote, the attack turn out to be personal on me and further inculcated hatred of the Chinese people against me. This press merely interested about their sales without considering the consequences that may resulted from their actions.

In fact the issue is about legalizing an illegitimate child or a bastard. Is it wrong if I view from the religion perspective? I refer to all illegitimate child and by this event include the deceased. I was criticized as insensitive to the late family and I was accused to make a cardinal sin to my ancestors and all my family roots. All my family roots were alleged to be angry and their bones rattles in the grave for giving birth to a person like me.

I accept this attack with a heavy heart, sad and degraded, although too bitter to accept because I am also a human. I have emotions and feelings. The Chinese press (China Press, Nanyang Siang Pau) deliberately published my picture in the front page with an evil intention to smear my reputation so that I will be hated by the Chinese people.

My question is why are they not translating my article as a whole and published into the newspapers for the readers to judge? Let the readers evaluate impartially. Not taking some of my article and manipulated. I think the situation will be different if the Chinese people read the whole article that I wrote in Mingguan Malaysia instead of the twisted and the additional spin off provided by them.

I seek Allah SWT to give me strength to face such challenges. As a person living in a democratic country, I cannot avoid if they want to insult or spit at me, only one thing that really matters, do not insult the religion of Islam that I professed. I live and die because of Islam. Islam is too dignified and holy. I do not mind being disgraced by my own race, as long as I am not disgrace by Allah SWT, InsyaAllah.

I would like to emphasize that as a follower of the Islamic religion, I was taught to respect other religions. Hence, I will not criticize other religion even though I have left the teachings or the religion. I always see the good in the teachings of other religions, with the purpose that we return to the teachings of our respective religions. Without religion, who are we today.

Let us realize that our present nobility are because of religion, which also include those in China Press.

China Press deliberately inculcated hatred in the Chinese people towards me. My article was manipulated maliciously. I am not sure whether their editor understand the Malay language. When I say some of the Chinese viz referring to DAP attitude of ultra kiasu, China Press translates as all Chinese.

Frankly, I had never deny altogether Chinese are good and has contributed to the development in this country. Only, I wish to remind this press to learn to translate properly. We have achieved 52 years of independence. The Malay language as the national language need to be understood and to be treated as the common language. Otherwise, we would be living in a kiasu cocoon.

This is the consequence when we were separated since small through the different education systems and the Malay language as national language was not enforced. Consequently, our good faith is misunderstood or may have been deliberately misunderstood. If Utusan Melayu press is said to be the UMNO official press organ, then what is China Press and those associate with it are whose official press? This is the question we should also ask.

I would like to suggest to the Government that this racist newspapers be compelled to translate their press into the Malay language as insertion. This is aimed so that the Malays can also read and understand how well is their intention in news reporting and written articles, beside providing respect to the Malay language as the national language. Do not always accuse other people of wrong doing. Are we that perfect until cannot be reprimanded?

The followings is the issue that I meant, "Alhamdulillah, with this event and article, I understand the ultra nature kiasu of my race which I have been studying all this while. I just realized that there are some hypocrite in my race. They have not been thankful instead are very afraid to lose and always want to win (kiasu). Fact and truth being misled to obtain sympathy and hidden political agenda." (Weekly Malaysia 9 August).

Does the China Press journalist understand what is the meaning of some in this case? Some means a small part, not all. But China Press translated it to all. May be the China Press editor may recommend that the journalist or together with the editor to attend the Malay language course.

Am I guilty to reprimand a wrong that is already banned by other religion? Is it a sin to speak the truth? Are those who practice the prohibited such as committing adultery considered to be innocent to their parents and ancestors? Do we want to allow all indecent behavior in the name of democracy? If that is the situation, there is no need to have laws or rule of law? Study the noble teachings of each respective religion. Remember, if you have one finger pointing at me, you have got the other four pointing back at you.

Did not China Press realizes that sometimes those who are pregnant out of wedlock resolved by abortion. There were also some who chose to commit suicide. Some were forced marriage because of pregnancy. If pregnancy can be avoided, then free sex and adultery will continue. Do we want to legalise what is not legal? Will this be an abuse to all the women? Imagine if this is happening to our sisters.

Therefore, in this case the teachings of the religion has a role in the rule of law. Is it not better to legally married before starting to have a relationship as a husband and wife? Is it not the best way? Why must the women be abused? I want to ask, is my statement wrong? I am eager to know and hear, does free sex or extra-marital sex allowed by other religion? Do not ask my opinion.

What has happened is a lesson. I wish to advise all parents to take good care of their children. We may not know what would happen in the future. What is important is that we should refrain from doing what is forbidden and prohibited by God which include drinking liquor, because it is also prohibited by all religion. Fear God, and do not be afraid if we are in the correct path.

We should also not be afraid if we are not from the ultra kiasu group. However, by seeing some of their reactions, it is definite that they are very ultra kiasu. Whose heart is not hurt when seeing their reaction when requested to wear the songkok on the parliament openings before the sultan? This ultra kiasu group deny wearing the songkok as a head dress because they do not want to be assimilated as Malays. Only to use songkok during two hours has been regarded they 'diMelayukan'. Compared to our Malay leaders eating using chop sticks, wearing Chinese traditional costume, stir yee sang during Chinese New Year etc.

When the Malays are acculturated in that way, they said this is the spirit of one Malaysia. When they were ordered to wear the songkok as head dress and Malay costume during official function, we were instead being accused as denying the non-Malay rights or trying assimilate them. What an enormity of contradiction and gap?

Danger When The Ends Justify The Means

Danger When The Ends Justify The Means (Weekly Malaysia 09.08.09)

Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

Again my article inside Mingguan Malaysia is getting serious attention from the Chinese newspapers such as China Press, Sin Chew, Nanyang Siang Pau and a few opposition's websites. This time they take some particular section with a hidden purpose to publish in front page as lead story (Nanyang Siang Pau).

Several issues were manipulated to attract sympathy. Thank you I may say. Luckily I did not pay attention to their phone calls. Otherwise, I do not know, what else my statement will be distorted.

They asked whether I was paid by Utusan Melayu or UMNO to write this article. I answered no. I have answered in my article last week. I am not sure whether they understand or not as my writing is in the Malay language. This writing and idea emanate from the heart of a humble Chinese subject, desiring to create awareness in the Muslims, especially in their current position.

Unfortunately, just because my article was published in Mingguan Malaysia, the anger was so intense with unbearable emotions. I was charged as an informer of UMNO. This third class mentality that follows is due to bigotry. These comments indicated immaturity and only displayed stupidity on oneself. This group is ungrateful and ultra kiasu and is ignorant.

They asked me to apologise to the late family which I replied I do not need to do so. If they understand the Malay language, I do not see my articles has any malicious intention to the late family, except the ill intention from the Chinese press, DAP and that deliberated websites that twisted this issue into racism to seek out sympathy and cheap publicity. Who supposed to be asking for forgiveness, I or the press and the deliberated racist website?

I was accused as not clever in writing by Nanyang Siang Pau newspaper. Hence, I request the Nanyang Siang Pau editor to provide me coaching. I also want to know how clever these Chinese newspapers write the news and article to take care of the interest of all races.

Alhamdulillah, with this event and article, I understand the ultra nature kiasu of my race which I have been studying all this while. I just realized that there are some hypocrite in my race. They have not been thankful instead are very afraid to lose and always want to win (kiasu). Fact and truth being misled to obtain sympathy and hidden political agenda.

This culture have beset their thinking even though we are already independent for 52 years. Their thinking are still not independent, still confined by bigotry on race. They accused UMNO racist, which what they do not lack of, too.

They are clever to politicize. They capitalize on Malay weakness and disunity. If Malay-Muslim are united, I am sure, they will not be bold as this. Their courage is caused by a few Malays that are with them. They became big-headed because of this.

I am willing to become unpopular in my own society, but get up my dear followers, do not again be fooled by those cunning games. I have to speak because the Malay / Islamic people dare not speak out due to the fear of losing political power. I am willing to be condemned by my own race, but I am not willing to see the Muslims lost in their own land.

Our struggle is never ending as long as we are still alive. My dear readers, value the ideas given. Do not just because of this article published in Mingguan Malaysia, we are blinded on its sincere values. I am not a ghost writer for UMNO nor Mingguan Malaysia. I am very sincere in my writings and has no direct intention to hurt whichever party nor the departed. I take full responsibility on what I have written.

I wish to remind that don't be the plant that normally grows on the ground that suddenly creeps up on the tree for support decided to stay on growing on high places instead. Look after the feelings of everyone especially the feelings of the Islamic person (Malay) which had been compromising with us all this while. There are many who faced the same problems such as what were currently happening. Do we want this case to be a ‘precedent', which will allow all indecent behavior after this?

Are we aware that how many illegitimate child were born from unregistered relationship? Do you want this to be our culture? What is the purpose of marriage? What is the purpose of creating laws, family act, marriage act, wedding divorce act etc? If this indecent action is allowed then there is no need to have all this law and act? Is this not the rule of law?

I was accused for inputting religious elements in this issue. Is it not that religious elements do become a part of rule of law? They said that this country should be managed by the rule of law. My issue, this law and act existed because of rule of law. Why do we have a National Registration Department if married life required no registration? Please refer to the National Registration Department law, family division, marriage, wedding and divorce. Please read wedding act and divorce 1976 and birth and death act 1975.

To know further on this issue which is considered sensitive and also the rule of law, go to As for the meaning of legitimate child and the status of illegitimate child, refer to National Law Axt 60 Legitimacy Act 1961, and also the National Registration Department,

Look also at Read also Non-Muslim Family Law in,

Whereas on the guardianship rights on the aspect of illegitimate children, please refer / CustodyGuardianship.html. Is this the rule of Law? I only gave a few religious views which became the rule of lawand thus I was accused as old-fashioned and an extremist.

The same case happened in Penang and Shah Alam. In Selangor recently, when those who championed the Islamic law in their own state, was accused by DAP as an extremist. The Islamic Congregation of Malaysia (Jim), a moderate Islamic organization, was labeled by Jelutung DAP Member of Parliament, Jeff Ooi as an extremist. Meanwhile the Shah Alam City Council enforcement officer's action (MBSA) seizing liquors sold in the business premises in Shah Alam, viz areas with Muslim majority, was blocked by Ronnie Liu, the Selangor Government Exco.

I still remembered Tunku Abdul Rahman's message on his view on Bandaraya Shah Alam. Tunku have advised that Shah Alam must be free from liquor and night club. If others who want to do this illegal act, they can go to Kuala Lumpur, drink liquor and visit the night club until unconscious for perhaps their religion allow so. If it is destined Buddha and Jesus Christ survive to this day, this DAP extremism actions would have been cursed and condemned.

Since winning many seats in the 12th PRU, the DAP became more obnoxious and rude by interfering in the Islamic religious affairs which is the national religion. What authority has this extremist political party to interfere in the state Islamic law and Islamic affairs law? Did they not realise that Malaysia has been proclaimed as an Islamic State although they objected previously?

DAP action has hurt many Muslims. I also want to see whether the Chinese newspapers would display this news in the front page and press DAP to apologise to all Muslims like those urging me on the article I wrote? If they can stirred up daily on the article that I wrote, the same should be done by this ultra kiasu press. DAP action has already challenged the sanctity position and sovereignty of the Islamic religion written in the constitution. DAP action is not only insensitive, but insulting and degrading the dignity of Islamic religion.

The question here is, would they apologise? Would the Pemuda DAP or DAPSY issue the same kind of statement which was issued to me to apologise? As I had stated, when I wrote matters siding the Malay Muslim, I was accused as insensitive and forced to apologise. Is DAP very sensitive? That is why I say Malay fate in the Malay earth. When issue relating ethnic Chinese, the Chinese newspapers will sensationalize the said issue, however, when it is about Islamic, quiet desolate and considered not important.

Hence, I ask the Chinese political parties and the Chinese newspapers to force Jeff Ooi and Ronnie Liu to apologize openly to the Muslims. Matters about Islamic must not be taken lightly. Moreover, the objective to legalise such methodology. ISA is very relevant for such people.

DAP attempts to attract the Chinese attention to legalise liquor which was banned by Buddha, which has now been their drinking culture, just like extra marital sexual relations. While PAS put their stand on banning liquor as mentioned in the al-Quran, PKR have not yet made a decision because they have to please both parties in the opposition just to maintain their existence.

I wish to remind PAS to be careful with DAP and those party associating with it. DAP is already a well-known party with ultra kiasu attitude since his establishment after PAP. They want this country to be a secular state, without Islamic nor Malay identity. Any attempts to Islamise or Malayanise this country's identity would be opposed. In fact Karpal have even said before that to step over his dead body if PAS ever intends to maintain an Islamic State.

I hope PAS will restudy their partnership with this extreme group. Better befriend and preach with UMNO with the agenda to strengthen the Muslims as a whole and the ummah. Let DAP associates with those who wish to legalise methodology. I congratulate PAS for daring to voice and defend what is right. Remember, DAP has since before never agreed on Islam.

Now it has been proven, the cooperation such as sleeping on the same pillow but having different dreams. Much more unfortunate, their dream mutually scratch and prejudiced. I am asking the DAP and Chinese overall, which religion do not forbid liquor? What I have learned is that every religion is against liquor. Therefore, how do you justify a methodology?

DAP needs to be reminded that they would not have win many seats in the 12th PRU without the Malay supports. Hence, do not be arrogant. Have you ever heard DAP apologise when they pique other people due to their talkativeness and rudeness? Certainly not. But when arrived at other people's turn like me, they scream for the Muslims to apologise. Similarly with other Chinese political party such as MCA and Gerakan.

DAP and the Chinese should remember that the Malay is inseparable with Islam. The Islamic religion and Malay are liken as blood with meat. In brief, every human needs religion because religion came from God. Like it or not we shall end with religion finally. Otherwise, there is no necessary to have funeral rites according to religion.

Furthermore, death can happen at any age. Death can come all of a sudden, no matter old or young. Only we are told to be ready to die. The purpose is for us to make the necessary preparations, including for those that we leave behind so that they will not suffer on our demise. Therefore, we have to practice what is best all the time.

Instead, we always argue to maintain what is not right. For example, what is so wrong if we practice cohabiting before marriage, as long as we believe we are responsible?

My concerned, how if after that, John Doe make a decision not to take responsibility or leave the girlfriend all of a sudden? Some merely manage to marry for 10 days and then divorce. Who will be victimized? Of course the woman. Therefore the rule of law will always protect the fate of the woman.

I have a few Chinese and Malay acquaintance who has made a blunder because of this sex before marriage. To make matter worst, the boyfriend just left. Now, what would happen with this unborn child?