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Danger When The Ends Justify The Means

Danger When The Ends Justify The Means (Weekly Malaysia 09.08.09)

Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

Again my article inside Mingguan Malaysia is getting serious attention from the Chinese newspapers such as China Press, Sin Chew, Nanyang Siang Pau and a few opposition's websites. This time they take some particular section with a hidden purpose to publish in front page as lead story (Nanyang Siang Pau).

Several issues were manipulated to attract sympathy. Thank you I may say. Luckily I did not pay attention to their phone calls. Otherwise, I do not know, what else my statement will be distorted.

They asked whether I was paid by Utusan Melayu or UMNO to write this article. I answered no. I have answered in my article last week. I am not sure whether they understand or not as my writing is in the Malay language. This writing and idea emanate from the heart of a humble Chinese subject, desiring to create awareness in the Muslims, especially in their current position.

Unfortunately, just because my article was published in Mingguan Malaysia, the anger was so intense with unbearable emotions. I was charged as an informer of UMNO. This third class mentality that follows is due to bigotry. These comments indicated immaturity and only displayed stupidity on oneself. This group is ungrateful and ultra kiasu and is ignorant.

They asked me to apologise to the late family which I replied I do not need to do so. If they understand the Malay language, I do not see my articles has any malicious intention to the late family, except the ill intention from the Chinese press, DAP and that deliberated websites that twisted this issue into racism to seek out sympathy and cheap publicity. Who supposed to be asking for forgiveness, I or the press and the deliberated racist website?

I was accused as not clever in writing by Nanyang Siang Pau newspaper. Hence, I request the Nanyang Siang Pau editor to provide me coaching. I also want to know how clever these Chinese newspapers write the news and article to take care of the interest of all races.

Alhamdulillah, with this event and article, I understand the ultra nature kiasu of my race which I have been studying all this while. I just realized that there are some hypocrite in my race. They have not been thankful instead are very afraid to lose and always want to win (kiasu). Fact and truth being misled to obtain sympathy and hidden political agenda.

This culture have beset their thinking even though we are already independent for 52 years. Their thinking are still not independent, still confined by bigotry on race. They accused UMNO racist, which what they do not lack of, too.

They are clever to politicize. They capitalize on Malay weakness and disunity. If Malay-Muslim are united, I am sure, they will not be bold as this. Their courage is caused by a few Malays that are with them. They became big-headed because of this.

I am willing to become unpopular in my own society, but get up my dear followers, do not again be fooled by those cunning games. I have to speak because the Malay / Islamic people dare not speak out due to the fear of losing political power. I am willing to be condemned by my own race, but I am not willing to see the Muslims lost in their own land.

Our struggle is never ending as long as we are still alive. My dear readers, value the ideas given. Do not just because of this article published in Mingguan Malaysia, we are blinded on its sincere values. I am not a ghost writer for UMNO nor Mingguan Malaysia. I am very sincere in my writings and has no direct intention to hurt whichever party nor the departed. I take full responsibility on what I have written.

I wish to remind that don't be the plant that normally grows on the ground that suddenly creeps up on the tree for support decided to stay on growing on high places instead. Look after the feelings of everyone especially the feelings of the Islamic person (Malay) which had been compromising with us all this while. There are many who faced the same problems such as what were currently happening. Do we want this case to be a ‘precedent', which will allow all indecent behavior after this?

Are we aware that how many illegitimate child were born from unregistered relationship? Do you want this to be our culture? What is the purpose of marriage? What is the purpose of creating laws, family act, marriage act, wedding divorce act etc? If this indecent action is allowed then there is no need to have all this law and act? Is this not the rule of law?

I was accused for inputting religious elements in this issue. Is it not that religious elements do become a part of rule of law? They said that this country should be managed by the rule of law. My issue, this law and act existed because of rule of law. Why do we have a National Registration Department if married life required no registration? Please refer to the National Registration Department law, family division, marriage, wedding and divorce. Please read wedding act and divorce 1976 and birth and death act 1975.

To know further on this issue which is considered sensitive and also the rule of law, go to As for the meaning of legitimate child and the status of illegitimate child, refer to National Law Axt 60 Legitimacy Act 1961, and also the National Registration Department,

Look also at Read also Non-Muslim Family Law in,

Whereas on the guardianship rights on the aspect of illegitimate children, please refer / CustodyGuardianship.html. Is this the rule of Law? I only gave a few religious views which became the rule of lawand thus I was accused as old-fashioned and an extremist.

The same case happened in Penang and Shah Alam. In Selangor recently, when those who championed the Islamic law in their own state, was accused by DAP as an extremist. The Islamic Congregation of Malaysia (Jim), a moderate Islamic organization, was labeled by Jelutung DAP Member of Parliament, Jeff Ooi as an extremist. Meanwhile the Shah Alam City Council enforcement officer's action (MBSA) seizing liquors sold in the business premises in Shah Alam, viz areas with Muslim majority, was blocked by Ronnie Liu, the Selangor Government Exco.

I still remembered Tunku Abdul Rahman's message on his view on Bandaraya Shah Alam. Tunku have advised that Shah Alam must be free from liquor and night club. If others who want to do this illegal act, they can go to Kuala Lumpur, drink liquor and visit the night club until unconscious for perhaps their religion allow so. If it is destined Buddha and Jesus Christ survive to this day, this DAP extremism actions would have been cursed and condemned.

Since winning many seats in the 12th PRU, the DAP became more obnoxious and rude by interfering in the Islamic religious affairs which is the national religion. What authority has this extremist political party to interfere in the state Islamic law and Islamic affairs law? Did they not realise that Malaysia has been proclaimed as an Islamic State although they objected previously?

DAP action has hurt many Muslims. I also want to see whether the Chinese newspapers would display this news in the front page and press DAP to apologise to all Muslims like those urging me on the article I wrote? If they can stirred up daily on the article that I wrote, the same should be done by this ultra kiasu press. DAP action has already challenged the sanctity position and sovereignty of the Islamic religion written in the constitution. DAP action is not only insensitive, but insulting and degrading the dignity of Islamic religion.

The question here is, would they apologise? Would the Pemuda DAP or DAPSY issue the same kind of statement which was issued to me to apologise? As I had stated, when I wrote matters siding the Malay Muslim, I was accused as insensitive and forced to apologise. Is DAP very sensitive? That is why I say Malay fate in the Malay earth. When issue relating ethnic Chinese, the Chinese newspapers will sensationalize the said issue, however, when it is about Islamic, quiet desolate and considered not important.

Hence, I ask the Chinese political parties and the Chinese newspapers to force Jeff Ooi and Ronnie Liu to apologize openly to the Muslims. Matters about Islamic must not be taken lightly. Moreover, the objective to legalise such methodology. ISA is very relevant for such people.

DAP attempts to attract the Chinese attention to legalise liquor which was banned by Buddha, which has now been their drinking culture, just like extra marital sexual relations. While PAS put their stand on banning liquor as mentioned in the al-Quran, PKR have not yet made a decision because they have to please both parties in the opposition just to maintain their existence.

I wish to remind PAS to be careful with DAP and those party associating with it. DAP is already a well-known party with ultra kiasu attitude since his establishment after PAP. They want this country to be a secular state, without Islamic nor Malay identity. Any attempts to Islamise or Malayanise this country's identity would be opposed. In fact Karpal have even said before that to step over his dead body if PAS ever intends to maintain an Islamic State.

I hope PAS will restudy their partnership with this extreme group. Better befriend and preach with UMNO with the agenda to strengthen the Muslims as a whole and the ummah. Let DAP associates with those who wish to legalise methodology. I congratulate PAS for daring to voice and defend what is right. Remember, DAP has since before never agreed on Islam.

Now it has been proven, the cooperation such as sleeping on the same pillow but having different dreams. Much more unfortunate, their dream mutually scratch and prejudiced. I am asking the DAP and Chinese overall, which religion do not forbid liquor? What I have learned is that every religion is against liquor. Therefore, how do you justify a methodology?

DAP needs to be reminded that they would not have win many seats in the 12th PRU without the Malay supports. Hence, do not be arrogant. Have you ever heard DAP apologise when they pique other people due to their talkativeness and rudeness? Certainly not. But when arrived at other people's turn like me, they scream for the Muslims to apologise. Similarly with other Chinese political party such as MCA and Gerakan.

DAP and the Chinese should remember that the Malay is inseparable with Islam. The Islamic religion and Malay are liken as blood with meat. In brief, every human needs religion because religion came from God. Like it or not we shall end with religion finally. Otherwise, there is no necessary to have funeral rites according to religion.

Furthermore, death can happen at any age. Death can come all of a sudden, no matter old or young. Only we are told to be ready to die. The purpose is for us to make the necessary preparations, including for those that we leave behind so that they will not suffer on our demise. Therefore, we have to practice what is best all the time.

Instead, we always argue to maintain what is not right. For example, what is so wrong if we practice cohabiting before marriage, as long as we believe we are responsible?

My concerned, how if after that, John Doe make a decision not to take responsibility or leave the girlfriend all of a sudden? Some merely manage to marry for 10 days and then divorce. Who will be victimized? Of course the woman. Therefore the rule of law will always protect the fate of the woman.

I have a few Chinese and Malay acquaintance who has made a blunder because of this sex before marriage. To make matter worst, the boyfriend just left. Now, what would happen with this unborn child?


  1. salam mr ridhuan tee, i have just started to read your column in the said malay paper. i found it to b refreshingly candid and eyeopening that the first thing i go to when i bought the paper would b your column. u have done an amazing turn in your life n i find tht absolutely enchanting. u spoke of the malays as if u r one. to read the things you write n not feel one kind is hard. i sometimes suspect your sincerity, please forgive me. if i could feel that way what more would your own original countrymen feel.

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  4. Hello Ah Tee chai,
    U must be either a very sick dog or a running dog. What a betrayal of your ancestors and your race. Your mentality is so shallow and your views revealed so much of your attitude in life, people, nation and ancestry. Why u so ampu the Malays until the point u seem to identify yourselves as a Malay and start bashing-up the non-Malays. A typical Umno-kaki. U must be paid well, brother. Ha3.
    I wish they were more Umno's agents like u out there writing poisons and spreading hatred among the people in the country. The voters will then realized how racist Umno and their agents really are. It will surely bring a quicker downfall of Umno in the next General Election. Ya Allah, many can't wait to see that moment ie. BN falls.
    By the way, your mother or your relative must be very proud of you wanting to be a Malay, an Untra-Malay eventhough u are just insignificant Chinaman, a loser that is. Your position comes to u only by ampuing the Umno. Very obvious, isn't it?
    Sad...really sad for your mother and father and your Chinese relative for giving them such a huge embarrassment

  5. The difference between UMNO's Malays and PAS/PKR's Malays is that UMNO's Malays are racist while others are moderate and sensible malays. UMNO sees EVERYTHING from the eye of a racist whether in terms of religion,politics, nation, relationship with others or cultural issues and etc.etc. That's typical UMNO mentality. UMNO churned out racist thru' BTN programs, a graduate and/or a newly convert like Mr.Tee, you can bet he is a pure breed Malay racist aka. UMNO's malays.
    See the difference. When UMNO is thrown out and all our country's woes will goes out as well. Amin?

  6. benchoong68,
    He is not a "either a very sick dog or a running dog". He is a sick AND a running dog!! Sick because of a lack of a certain protein and running as an insignificant chinaman to his malay master for his pay!!
    Ah Tee Chai,
    Your mother must have regretted terribly for having conceived you!! And your ancestors turning in their graves. look at your self in the mirror! You can change your religion but you cannot change the fact that you are a Chinaman! You are free to worship your chosen religion in whatever way or manner, so let others do the same!
    You are brave enough to show all your so called academic achievements (all UKM, by the way) but not brave enough to leave all postings on your blog as I noticed a few posts have been removed by the author!