Sunday, October 4, 2009

Priortising GOD to Ancestors

(Mingguan Malaysia, 4 October)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

I feel sympathized with the leader who is the head of an Islamic party and also a state executive councilor (exco) in Selangor. What was so unfortunate was that the exco had to deal with its own people in the party, who had asked him to resign. If the ultra kiasu party wants to follow the rule of Umar Abdul Aziz style, then the exco action should be acknowledged. The exco is entitled to criticize and issued a statement questioning the procedure of the Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) which handled the case involving the public administrators.

This show that the ultra kiasu party is not opened to views and criticism which is contrary to the governance style of Caliph Umar. Previously they were known to be so vocal in criticizing. They find faults with others. Now, when it is their turn to be criticized, they considered themselves to be correct and others as wrong. It is very clear that this party is very ultra kiasu and do not want to lose nor admit their own faults, but instead can still shout with joy for there are Malays who are still with them and supported them.

For the readers' information, Umar Abdul Aziz was known to welcome any differences of opinions. The Caliph was very open to anyone who criticized his leadership. In this issue, the exco only emphasised that the government officials who were investigated not to be humiliated in public.

Actually this is the leadership style of Caliph Umar. Degrading the pride of individuals in the public are not allowed in Islam. For example, during the reign of Umar bin Abdul Aziz, there was an incident occurred where an individual was accused of spreading news that might lead to defamation. That individual was brought to face the Caliph.

In verifying the news, the Caliph cited the al-Quran verses which means, "O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done." (Al-Hujurat: 6).

This verse was addressed to the unbelievers with the view that they were hypocrites and those in the same category. On hearing the words from Caliph Umar, the man asked for forgiveness from the Caliph and decided not to continue his intention to spread the news.

The Caliph reasoning was very noble, so that it will neither bring harm to the community nor create any misunderstanding. Imagine if the action by those foxes in the sheep clothing using the Caliph Umar leadership style going out to avenge on those who they are not happy to be with?

It appears in this issue; Caliph Umar had made every possible consideration even if the news were true, or if the news or allegations were false or untrue itself. Does this ultra kiasu group have this characteristic? Just imagine if in this era where information and news materials can be traded for the sake of pursuing materialism, wealth and promotions, regardless of whether the information are correct or wrong. Most important, revenge is sweet.

Today, we are very sad, because for the sake of pursuing wealth and promotions, the Muslims forget to maintain the relationship of Islamic brotherhood and human relations. Rasulullah SAW has mentioned the strong bond among the believers. The mutual care and love can be illustrated that when one limb is in pain, then the whole body will feel that pain. Does this feelings still existing among the Muslims? If not, imagine the consequences if we put our trust in this foxes in the sheep clothing?

We must remember that the conflicts and battles among the Muslims will only weaken us. Although there are many people who call themselves by the name of Islam and will be angered when they were told to be weak and less Islamic in their faith, but at the same time they are mocking the teachings of Islam and disregard the teachings that they are championing. Not only will they blaspheme themselves which led to sin, but instead they are doing a disservice to Islam and humiliate the Muslims as a whole. They prefer to see the Muslims destroyed because of the attitude to avenge themselves, thus trusting other people more instead of their own people.

Islam allows us to give our views and criticism if the matter touches and towards doing good and honorable or amar makruf nahi mungkar (to invite people to do good and to prevent people from doing bad). This is also the slogan proclaimed by the state ultra kiasu party. I have doubts whether they understood this slogan? Or is it being used to 'melt' us? What we are seeing today is that they are releasing their resentment and avenging themselves by promoting themselves and putting others down. To me, those who want to emulate the Caliph must practice to be fair, and not wicked or hypocrite. They seem to be easily corrupted to make allegations against the people which could bring disaster to the people and country.

The Muslims should be aware that we need to be an example to all mankind. What's more if you want to follow the style of the Caliph Umar. We should be ashamed and embarrassed to ourselves to Allah SWT if we called ourselves Muslims, but did not practice the Islamic teachings. Remember the words of Umar bin Al-Khattab, that we are the people honored by Allah with Islam. If we seek nobleness by means other than the noble way, Allah will damn us. Allah SWT reminded us, "Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah." (Al Imran: 110)

The exemplary pattern rule of Umar Abdul Aziz should be a role model to this ultra kiasu. In fact they never believe in Islam, let alone with those who fight for Islam. I am confident that it will not be easy for the exco to carry out his daily activities as he will always be under the watchful eyes of this ultra kiasu. I also believed that the exco movement is monitored daily because this group is afraid with those who champion for Islam because they themselves are anti-Islamic. The logic is simple; if they do not believe in Islam, how can they believe in the Malays. This is the fate that befalls on the Malays in the land of the Malays in Singapore. Are we still blind to see the fate of the Malay Muslims people over there? What is the difference between the ruling party that rules Singapore with this foxes in sheep clothing?

In the latest issue, a young leader from the alliance associated with this ultra kiasu party, proposed that the Chief Minister's post in the ultra kiasu state to be rotated. Actually, this is not a new issue, because it has long been proposed by the Malay party before this. Spontaneously, a few hours after the issue was raised, the youth wing and chairman of this ultra kiasu party jump on the issue just like a worm in hot weather wriggling around in panic. So kiasu.

What does this wing from the foxes in the sheep clothing said? They blamed their own allies as power crazy. To them, it is not the time yet for the position of the Chief Minister to be rotated. The question is until when? Until resurrection? Can we still remember, before this, a Muslim Malay party cropped up this same issue a couple of times with the reason that they have the majority of seats? Does their request or views being attended by their party affiliation? The answer was no. This is Dutch nature obtaining lands as Jews. What can we learn? Meaning, they do not have two or three, but they only have ONE. ONE is the reason for them to be strong. Because of this ONE that will unite them to defend the rights of the pride of the ancestors. Similarly for the Muslims, Islam is only ONE; we remain one to protect the only ONE, although ONE consists of various races because ONE is not racist but universal. I hope we all understand what I meant.

When I said this, I believed I will be accused again for unable to actually understand this group of people even though I am of the same race with them. I will also be charged guilty to my ancestors. My question, what is the use of preserving the fate of the ancestors if the dignity of religion is being mocked or pawned? Who is more important, the ancestors or Allah? To them probably their ancestors, but to me Allah SWT is everything. Since the ancestors were created by Allah SWT, then I must prostrate to Allah SWT instead of my ancestors. The ancestors will not have me to prostrate, but only to be remembered. Descendants to me are no longer important after meeting the God that has opened my heart to accept Islam. Allahhuakbar!

To those who feel that their descendants are more important than God, then take good care of the descendants. Honor them. Do not commit adultery. Stay away from forbidden relationships. Validate the relationship as husband and wife. Do what is advised, stay away from the forbidden. Abide by the concept of inviting people to do good and preventing people from doing bad. Then the descendant's ancestors' honor will be safeguarded and rest in peace in the grave. Otherwise, the ancestors will revolt because we have actually been treacherous to them. Do not cleverly talk about descendants and ancestors, if we ourselves are treacherous and hypocrites.

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