Sunday, December 27, 2009

Accused as criminals better than being evil

(Mingguan Malaysia, 27 December)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia cum Secretary General of Islamic Chamber of Commerce Malaysia.

Recently Utusan Malaysia was criticized and condemned from inside and outside the party, especially by the ultra kiasu party. Utusan was accused as a newspaper promoting racism sentiments disturbing the harmony among the races. The extremist labeled the newspaper as criminals. If the newspaper is considered as criminal then it also meant that the journalist, newspaper columnist and author are also criminals. My question is whether the ultra kiasu party news tabloid and the other racist political parties and those concocted with them are they also not evil? The ultra kiasu party and its group are not only evil, but it is already clearly a fact that they have an evil intention by not accepting the social contract and rejecting the federal constitution and also challenging sensitive matters that have long been agreed upon. The partners of the ultra kiasu party do not dare to speak directly for fear of loss of support. This is the cunning strategy of the ultra kiasu party and its allies hiding behind the 1Malaysia concept for its benefits and political mileage.

If they do not get their wish, then the 1Malaysia concept will be put forward for argument to obtain sympathy. Their racist partners in the Barisan Nasional (BN) components actually have the same stance. They are smart in strategizing. The ultra kiasu bark outside while the partners inside do the work. Actually they compliment each other. It is only that we overlooked.

I am not saying that Utusan Malaysia is all good. Nothing is perfect in this world, except Allah SWT and His Prophets. As humans, there are still things that need to be rectified from time to time. My reminder to the ultra kiasu is that do not act as though elephants in front of your eyes cannot see but the germs across can be seen clearly. Do not go overboard with your views. Do not always pinpoint others mistakes without reflecting own selves. Is staying together without marriage considered good moral? Retaining executive council (exco) known for their evil deeds is not actually evil? At least Utusan Malaysia is frank, meaning not too bad instead of camouflage doing evil, like being sweet in front of people but when behind actually are not. Those are their actions to obscure the eyes of the public. If we spy their movement, I am confident we will see their true colors, including the one exco that brought the santa claus to meet the leader of their country recently. To this leader, if you enjoy celebrating with Santa Claus, please do not over do it. As Muslims, we are taught to respect other religions, but do not go overboard. They are very cunning at planning. Many Malays have side tracked because of being too close to santa claus.

It cannot be denied from history that all newspapers in this country are racist from the beginning. Similarly, in the fields of political, economic and social, all are racists. To me, love of race or nation is not wrong, instead is permissible in Islam as stated by Ibn Khaldun. What is not only allowed is when it reached the level of ultra such as the ultra kiasu party. They often raised sensitive issues that create tensions. This situation is more dangerous, because it can cause chaos as happened in the incident May 13, 1969.

In understanding the Malaysian politics, racial issues were raised for political supports and to make the respective races to realize who they are and what should be obtained. Meanwhile, the sensitive issues were raised to demand equal rights and opportunities for the ultra kiasu group. They know these things can not be raised openly as they can be held under the sedition act. They deliberately want to test UMNO which currently is at its most crucial situation because of not getting two-thirds majority and also facing the painful disunity of the Malay Muslims.

For example, the ultra kiasu wanted Islam being the federal religion to be at the same level with other religions. As Malaysians, we must know that the concept of equal rights and equal opportunity do not fulfill the requirements of the federal constitution, although the concept of Malaysian Malaysia which is always being shouted and demanded by the ultra kiasu party. Remember, Islam is the religion of the majority community of this country. Islam has a very special position in the constitution. If there is any 'advantage' in Islam, it is not discrimination because as the majority Malay Muslims, they have the rights, let alone it had been agreed upon through the social contract. There should not be anymore questions or being accused of unfairness. These also included using government funds to develop the growth of Islam. Unfortunately, these things were never formulated. Finally, each race or party interpreted according to their interests respectively basing on the race and religious background. Not forgetting also their evil plans.

In order to prevent the ultra kiasu party continues to become evil, we must at least outline the formula to solve this. My formula is based on the statistical breakdown of races and religions in this country. According to the year 2000 census, the percentages of Malaysians by religions were as follows: 60% Islam, 40% non-Malay (22% Buddhist-Taoism-Confucius, 9% Christian, 6% Hindu, 3% others). This formula can be applied in the context of the nationalization, including justification on the rights of religious festivals and celebrations of all races. This formula fulfills part of the meaning to justification in Islam which means to put things in its place although not completely.

On the basis of tolerance, this formula was not applied completely, either in politic, economic or even social. For example, the number of non-Muslim places of worship exceeded overwhelmingly, their festival celebrations actually drowned the Muslims celebrations even though they are less in numbers. Just look at the shopping malls, although Christians are only 9%, the Christmas and New Year 2010 celebrations are incomparable to the Hari Raya and the Islamic New Year. If you do not believe, visit the states ruled by the ultra kiasu and its allies and the shopping malls of their allies throughout the country.

I think the Muslims in this country are very tolerant and soft. Their religious festivals and funerals are well mannered and simple. Roads are not congested. Their graves are very small. Compared to other religions, which the number is already smaller, at times the roads are congested the whole day on certain festivals. The graves are so wide and large. How long will this practice be continued, whereas the population is growing but land is limited? So far, the Muslims are not that noisy compared to others, although their graves are narrowing and protests from the non-Muslims are increasingly bolder when there is an increase in Islamic cemetery.

My formula should be used as a guideline. Is it fair if the numbers of non-Muslims are not many, but their graves actually sink the Muslims graves? Have we asked the views of the Muslims and their sensitivity? Those with money build the tombs so high and so wide and beautify them with statues as far as the eyes can see. Meanwhile the Muslims graves, irrespectively of their positions, are simple because Islam does not believe in the designing the tomb. Having no graves is also not a problem. What is important is faith and piety which are brought into the intermediate state or barzakh. Have the Muslims ever claimed equal rights and equal opportunities? No, because they are not ultra kiasu.

Another example, a professor of Christian faith at work argued with me recently. He said the religious rights must be based on the formula of equal rights and equal opportunities. Among the examples highlighted were those if there is a class on yasin recitation and Friday prayers to the Muslim students, then Christian students must be given the same rights to learn their religion and to bring in their own priests. I told him that the students should read their bible during that time, after all the Friday prayers and the yasin recitations are not 'religion classes' but are the responsibility of each Muslim individual. Even there is religious class for the Muslims; it is not necessarily for the non-Muslims to have a similar situation. In addition, the number of Christians or non-Muslim students are very few, with the facilities provided for is already enough. The ultra kiasu professor with an emotional tone claimed it is their rights that must be fulfilled. I replied that have their rights not been fulfilled all this while? Did the number of churches and the pile of houses of worship to the extent of sinking the number mosques and suraus were not considered as rights? Have we ever prevented them to church every Sunday? Do not compare with the Muslims because we worship differently. We have different needs. Similarly goes with the requirements for jamaah prayers. Hence, the concept of equal rights and the equal opportunities should be based on the formula that has been outlined in the constitution and by fraction of races (religions).

All this while they have never use the word Allah in our country, so why the sudden need for the word of Allah has to be used? It is definitely their strategy to confuse the Muslims into following their religion. My advice to all parents is to take care of your children and not to be deceived by their evil strategies and evil intentions. Unfortunately these will and had occurred in Selangor and Penang, if we continue to allow this ultra kiasu to rule and to be mighty. Look at Penang today as if it is no longer a Malay island. It is full of Santa Claus and New Year greetings, while they consist of only 9 percent.

Therefore let us make the changes before it is too late. Do not end later with our religion going no where in our own land. By then, it will be too late. You cannot allow the creepers to grow higher. When they have gone up, they will remain there, and it will be difficult for them to come down.

Look at the political tolerance. Lately, Gerakan was so angry with the UMNO proposal that the BN chairman seat to be rotated in Penang because UMNO had the majority of seats. Before anything else, the ultra kiasu alliances also jumped. Appropriately, the issue supposed to be discussed first. The chairman for Gerakan and Penang BN contended that the BN chairman seat was held by them for 35 years. Why should it be given to others?

My question is that if UMNO can sacrificed the Grik parliamentary seat, why can't Gerakan? Who is more tolerant and having the nature of giving? The political parties on this island are so ultra kiasu. Because of that, they do not care who ruled the island, as long it is their own people. There are not many strategies made to win back the island. That's why I can feel that UMNO is not comfortable with this situation.

I still remembered that after so long UMNO competing in the Grik parliamentary constituency seat, a Malay majority, they suddenly handed it over to Gerakan. The former Chief Minister of Perak cried to release this seat. But due to the brotherhood spirit and the cooperation in the BN, UMNO had to comply and obeyed by surrendering the Grik seat to Gerakan. The Malay majority had to vote the non-Malay (Gerakan) even with resentment. This is the noble nature of the Malay Muslims. Is this tolerance being appreciated? It is like a dog biting its own master. Can we still remember that this Member of Parliament of Grik from Gerakan issued a statement stating that the Malays were also immigrants? This Member of Parliament was also appointed as a deputy minister. Have we ever heard UMNO contended that since the Grik parliamentary seat had been held by them for a long time, why should they give it to Gerakan, as what spoken by the Penang BN chairman?

Why was Gerakan so strong in opposing? They fear that the Chief Minister seat will fell to UMNO if it is destined for BN to rule again. The root to all of these is power, power, power and the ultra kiasu attitude. All is putting the race interests ahead rather than the national interests. If this is how it is done, I think, the 1Malaysia concept is far from achieving. It will be taken advantaged by those with the attitudes of foxes in sheep skins and scissors in the fold. To them their race strength must be defended even with whatever reasons and challenges given. Who are the real criminals and more evil?


  1. Hello Tee,
    Are you chinese but potong already?
    If so just go and focus on serving Allah and pray five times a day AND stop wasting your time writing nonsense here for people to waste their time reading!!!!

  2. Hello Mr. Tee. I must congratulate you on your magnificent piece of prose. It is the best comedic read I've had in a very long time. Keep up the good work.

  3. No wonder our academic institutions are in lowly positions. A very poorly research article, without logic nor qualification. Best resigned to the recycle bin.

  4. Dr Tee as an academician to say allah was not use by non muslim in Malaya is misleading. It was use in the 19th century and in the guru grath sahib of the sikh scriptures the word of Allah is used throughout! Please do not demean the academic field. I am a Malay and a Muslim but I will not lie as you do and i am sad that as a fellow pendakwah you have to resort to that. the BN State Chairman in Penang for me should always be in the hand of the chinese because we need to win the battle and let we lost the war. In 1980's under Tun relidleantion of voting territories were made to give more power to rursl areas in Penang vivs a vis her population creating many UMNO seats but the demographic is more chinese than as so BN chairman under Uncle Bob is stupid to ask for that chair since they would not be there if the old territories were still in place!

  5. Fully support your overall comments and for providing an insights on the issues.

  6. Dr. Ridhuan Tee is a Malaysian. A true Malaysian having succesfully blended / mingled with other fellow Malaysians. Nothing to do with religious believes.

    Are you chinese / Indians ?

  7. To use "Allah", in any religious believe, I think, is quite okay.

    But to adamantly claim the right to use the word "Allah", up to the point of going all the way to court, challenging the people, especially, the Muslims, is very-very telling as to the motive or agenda behind these forceful claims. No doubt these forceful claims have created some unrests among the people.

    Perhaps THIS is the real agenda/motive behind the forceful claim to use the word "Allah"?

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  9. Congratulations Dr Tee ! Assalamualaikum wbt to you sir ! You have cleverly as an academician, a muslim, a chinese and a Malaysian describe the mental state of those who hunger for power and forgets what is Malay tolerance give and take.

    I am a Malay. I am also a muslim. I married to my wife who has both lineage from the Malay ethnic and Chinese ethnic. So what?

    Yes, indeed it is true that this country for the begining is always about RACES! Not to mention horse-race, power-race, boat-race, F1-race, bicycle race, political-race, people-race bla bla bla and so on. So what?

    The trouble with Malaysians is not about races in whatever meaning or definitions you can find in the English language but THE MENTALITY CONFUSIONS. Now it matters.

    Eventhough the Malay has shown great tolerance and great give and take to others but due to THE MENTALITY CONFUSIONS SYNDROME (MCS), all that do not count! IT MUST BE ALWAYS EQUAL, EQUAL AND EQUAL (NO wonder EQUAL brands is sold out in pharmacies as substitute sugar for majority oyf Malaysians who suffer diabetes) But yet none of this group really understand what is equality is all about.

    For them, equality means 1 mosque, 1 church and 1 temple. Huh ?? But does that also mean 1 Malay shop, 1 Chinese shop , 1 Indian shop ? Or it is also mean that DAP 1 Malay vote, 1 chinese vote and 1 Indian vote? or is it also mean if a chinese has RM1 million so a Malay also has RM1 million and an Indian has RM1 million?

    There is must be a common ground and a common logic for equality to works in a multireligions and multiracial to function properly.

    The common ground is tolerance, give and take, RESPECT and good intentions. All those things I have mentioned are none to be found in ultra-kiasu people. Where is the proofs ? Simple, as in HALAL FOOD. HALAL FOOD can be consumed by all Malaysians regardless of their race and religions ! But why not serve HALAL FOOD everywhere? Because there is no tolerence, no give and take , no respect and no good intentions on that side! So far that I know, HALAL FOOD is not a taboo to other religions except beef only. But there are a lot of varieties of Halal food except those animal that are considered as haram source of food due to hygenic reasons. But wait, does this mean Halal Food is a trick to impose Islamic laws on others? See what I mean. when there is no good intentions nothing can be achieved.

    Without common ground with those virtues, how equality to be interpreted and practised as a sound jugdment snf treatment to all?

    So, Dr Tee, you have best sum up all the social illness if Malaysians. Those who do not understand it just pretend that they do not understand because TRUTH HURTS.

  10. Bila aku baca artikel ko ni, bunyi macam sepupu David Ben Gurion atau menantu Golda Meir je tau. Sebijik mcm org Yahudi Israel meng"equate"kan agama dan bangsa Yahudi menjadi satu. Sedih betul la aku tengok ko ni. Kata nak promo Islam, tapi Islam mana pernah mengajar bg "special priviledges" pun kat sape2. Haiii.... bertaubat lah ko cepat2, "UMNO Malay wannabe." Kalo tak ko ni sebijik la mcm apa yg telah difirmankan Allah dlm Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 11 - 12.

  11. Man, Ridhuan Tee sure have some kind of 'warped' logic based on all the points that he put it.

    he is trying to be an 'ultra malay' while forgetting his chinese roots. i just wonder what his parents are thinking now ...

    One cannot just quantity and proportionate various things in life in a mathematical ratio. Life is more than that. Many comments have been made likened his suggestions to 'hitler-ish'l

    is there such things as half a hole or stick?

    Like Art said, social contract is a live document. Situations and circumstances change. We cannot cast human-defined edicts in stone. It is not like the Quran, Bible, etc. We need to evaluate the social contract from time to time just like our education system, rightly or wrongly. What is relevant and important 52 years ago may not be nowadays. Priorities and all the global influences should see us evaluating the contract.

    Lastly to mention the issue of size of graves, celebrations and festivities is pure RACISM and INCITING discord. Many Chinese today are creating their departed loved ones and putting them into urns at cemetries or temples. Hence the 'use' of space is not a valid argument. Such method is also practical, lower cost and simplify the annual 'chin beng' or grave visitation custom of the Chinese.

    Thus as Tee should note, the Chinese are changing their 'social contract' of hundred of years and not 52.

    But I don't think Tee consider himself a Chinese Malaysian Musim.

    So Tee please open your narrow mind as we have a wonderful country and our lives should be equally as wonderfully.


  12. Fear-mongering without any facts or numbers. Even the egsamples given are taken out of context with the sole basis of inspiring fear and hatred.

    Which is worse? Ridhuan Tee who is the product of local education, or the fact that he is in a position to shape the minds of tommorrow.

  13. "I think the Muslims in this country are very tolerant and soft. Their religious festivals and funerals are well mannered and simple. Roads are not congested. Their graves are very small. Compared to other religions, which the number is already smaller, at times the roads are congested the whole day on certain festivals. The graves are so wide and large. How long will this practice be continued, whereas the population is growing but land is limited? So far, the Muslims are not that noisy compared to others, although their graves are narrowing and protests from the non-Muslims are increasingly bolder when there is an increase in Islamic cemetery"

    Cremation is the answer my chameleon friend, creamation!

  14. The ultra kiasu party and its group are not only evil, but it is already clearly a fact that they have an evil intention by not accepting the social contract and rejecting the federal constitution and also challenging sensitive matters that have long been agreed upon.

  15. The author's ethnic origin is his own business, and should not be picked as an issue by any party.

    However, academicians should support their papers with facts. But other than the statistics on our country's general population mix, there are no other facts which are supported by any research whatsoever here. This is also in addition to the fact that this population mix CANNOT be applied to the entire country, especially for the nations of Sabah and Sarawak - and to a certain extent Penang.

    As such, this article currently can only be read in the context of a personal 'ranting/ opinion', which the unlearned author has already disclaimed at the onset of this blog. However, for serious readers hoping to obtain hard truths or well-researched insights from a supposedly highly-regarded Senior Lecturer, then the entire paper must be rejected.

    Ps. As a bumiputera in Sabah, I can attest that the word Allah has been used outside Islam since many decades before. We also reject Malay-Muslim dominance of any kind in our land. Keep your insecurities to your end of the federation!

  16. Dr Tee,
    I am suprised that you as a learned scholar could use such terms as "ultra kiasu".

    Your take on Social Contract, the Federal Constitution and the use of "Allah" is out of mark. Considering your acedemic qualification I am disppointed at your "argument" using logical fallacy.

    I am not suprised that you are a product of a pure Malaysian educational system. May Allah guide you to the truth?

  17. Assalimualaikum,
    PEACE be with you
    Dear Sir,
    As a convert to Islam, mainly because it is a requirement in this country for getting married to a Muslim, I have grown to love my adopted religion. My non-Muslim relatives and our family believe all religions preach good, and we respect one another and love one another dearly.

    A very important underlying tenet in the Holy Quran is that we should never cause distress or give anyone grief through our words or deeds.
    (Even if someone has not fulfilled a promise to us or even acted uncivilly).

    We teach our children that if they have nothing good to say, to not say anything at all, regardless the provocation.

    Name-calling, Sir, is sinful.

    Perhaps, with due respect, you could phrase whatever thoughts you have better.

    Matters appropriately phrased can bring harmony, rather than anguish.

    Thank you.

  18. I do not know other name expect JESUS CHRIST. the only NAME that can SAVE only if you BELIEVE.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Let me state clearly that the Malays will not lose in the long term for their population are increasing whereas the Chinese population continues to decline. I am not sure whether if we can change that with the strategy of bringing in the people from Vietnam and China by way of marrying them! Perhaps the Ministry of Home Affairs can investigate. If this increasing trend continues, it means that the Malay rights will be increasing, too. They are able to change the constitution in the future. Consequently, who will lose in the end? Therefore, do not take advantage of the current political situation which is not in favor to the Malay Muslims today.

    If we continue to be defensive and ultra kiasu, our great-grandchildren will face the greater loss. It is better that today we learn to understand the Malays rather than understanding the west. If we continue to be recalcitrant eventually our future generations will be the victims. By that time we are considered their ancestors. We will be condemned by these future generations for being too ultra kiasu.

  21. Ridhuan Tee(?) obviously chinese right? But by the way you write, I believe you think yourself a Malay, just because you are muslim...I'm sorry my friend...You can change your religion but you can't change your colour.

    Accused as criminals better than being evil...I believe promoting discord and hatred amongst Malaysians is evil...Isn't this where you are? Your article is purely based on your views and not facts. What a disappointment coming from a so-called learned person like yourself.

    I grew up in a Malaysia where everyone was accepted for who they are but over the years, politicians and people like you have divided the people into groups based on race and religion...why? Easier to divide and conquer, right? This country does not belong to Malays nor Muslims exclusively but to all Malaysians regardless of race or religion. We have ALL contributed to this nations growth and prosperity. Our uniqueness and strength is our diversity. 'One Malaysia' our PM's battle cry won't come to being until there is ACCEPTANCE not TOLERANCE of all Malaysians. You are obviously not helping matters.

  22. Ai Leen

    You should address your comment to the Ultra Kiasu. If the Ultra Kiasu still wants to question article 152 or 153 for their demands of equal rights and equal opportunities, then be equal in everything based on the breakdown of races.

    Otherwise, please tone down the demands and ultraism! And learn to live as a tolerance Malaysian and stop harping unnecessary racial tones.

    Since you don't like racism, then I suggest you go on a mission and educate the Ultra Kiasu first.

    Any action will receive reciprocation.

    So, if you want the Country to progress, go and educate the Ultra Kiasu to stop politicizing for power and stop disturbing the average mind of the Rakyat.

  23. Since you wrote that you grew up in a Malaysia where everyone was accepted for who they are, and 'One Malaysia' won't come to being until there is ACCEPTANCE not TOLERANCE;

    Please educate and inform the Ultra Kiasu to accept and respect what had been agreed upon. Why keep building a new wheel? We will never move on unless we learn acceptance and tolerance.

  24. gosh you are a disgrace......... before even daring to publish somethig as stupid as this please check your facts, as one commentator mentioned earlier the phrase Allah was liberally used by Living Guru of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Granth Sahibji since the 16th century. and my dear Prof allah IS NOT a malay word but an arabian word.

    and if you go to the shopping malls most of the santa clauses are muslims :-) grow up la Prof stop trying so hard to be a malay u are a disgrace to your chinese roots :-) dont forget before u converted u were and will always remain a chinese,Pathetic

  25. Before ULTRA-KIASU and EVIL PEOPLE force the issue of the word "Allah" all the way to the court creating unrest throughout the nation, was there really an issue of the word "Allah" usage?

    I guess, NO!

    Did the people back then not know that the word "Allah" has also being used in other religious believes including the Arab Jahiliyah?

    At least I know. I guess, many people also know that. No issue.

    It is not the usage of the word, but the forceful act to demand the right of the usage that create this chaos. So, it is not too much to suspect that there is an EVIL AGENDA behind these evil & ultra kiasu people.

  26. Dr Tee has rightly pointed out and I'm also quite fed up by all the blame being directed at the NEP but is silent on vernacular schools and the continued non-acceptance of the Malaysian identity being based on Malay-Muslim culture.

    However we need not worry. We should bait our time. By 2030, with higher birth rate and net immigration of Indonesians/Southern Philippines, the bumi would account for more than 75% of the population. By that time, they would have no choice but to assimilate.

    You can see that this is their concern and this is also what the government has done and will continue to do by bringing in the Indonesian foreign workers and allowing settlement by Southern Philippinoes in Sabah as this is the only way forward.

    In Malaysia, one has to accept the fact and reality that the Malays are the big brother. Since Singapore can't accept this social contract, it had to part ways with Malaysia.

  27. Hi Dr Tee,

    Your article is bias and hence instigate hatred among the Malaysians.

    What had Abraham Lincoln promoted in United States? The Africans or Blacks were the minority and slave to the Whites in United States(perhaps that was the social contract back then in United States). Was that okay for the Black to be slave for as long as they were minority in the country? In the above article, you seemed to suggest that the Blacks should just shut up and continue to be slave to the White as the White was the majority in the country then?

    Whose skin are the the foxes in? Ignorance is Bliss???


    Are you happy if our government abolish 25th December and 1st January as public holiday and have it replaced by Islamic New Year?

  28. "In Malaysia, one has to accept the fact and reality that the Malays are the big brother. Since Singapore can't accept this social contract, it had to part ways with Malaysia." - gundro.

    Well, Singapore's obviously made the right moves haven't they? Since they are way ahead of Malaysia with absolutely nothing to start of with. Whereas Malaysia, they initially have got tonnes of natural resources, but where are they now exactly? Sitting in the caves arguing over childish issues? Pbfft.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Finding it interesting that you and your supporters are blaming the Non-Muslim/Malays for causing the "Allah" ban rift by allegedly *forcing* their right all the way through to court, but not once acknowledging that it was the govt who first began the *forcing* by banning other faiths the right to call on Him as "Allah" 3 years ago. Its called forcing restrictions on minority faiths. It was still rather civil and peaceful between the two faiths before that happened, mind you. Court's decision was finalized peacefully too till the church terrorizing (because we can all at least agree that trying to burn down buildings are considered forceful) streaks began recently.

    Nobody challenged the Muslims over the rights to use "Allah", all they wanted was the freedom to use it too. How on earth did you people manage to equate it to be "challenging" to anything? What is it "challenging", precisely?

    our own religion and our own land, you said. Excuse me, but is this not your Chinese and Indian neighbor's land too? The land of the multitude of multiracial students whose education and future are in your hands? In their land which is this, they have the right to bury their dead according to their custom just as you can yours, worship their God(s) just as you can yours, and voice your concerns publically just as you can. I wonder how these people, especially your students, must feel knowing that you outrightly call them "evil" with your arrogant self righteousness.

    Oh, btw, just a fun fact. Christians don't celebrate Santa Claus, he's a holiday gimmick. Just like how Valentine's Day is for Hallmark. I never in my life thought anyone would hate/blame Santa for anything, you have just proven me wrong, sir. And what a good laugh that was! Nor is New Year particularly a Christian celebration. But funny, I don't feel surprised you were ignorant of that fact.

  31. You said:

    "All this while they have never use the word Allah in our country, so why the sudden need for the word of Allah has to be used? It is definitely their strategy to confuse the Muslims into following their religion."

    This reflects your ignorance and coming from a so-called academic, this is regretted. If you insist non-Muslims cannot use Allah, then you are suggesting Sabah and Sarawak should secede from the Federation. As a Sabahan, I feel your comment is very insulting. Maybe you should be living in China where all religions including Islam is regulated by the communist infidels!

  32. I agree with you 100% percent... You are a very brave person to speak out what I couldnt dare say in public. Do no stop or refrain from what you do, I am also a Chinese-Muslim, when you have converted to muslim then you would understand the blight the Malays are pit against. When you become muslim, you would see the difference in the train of thoughts which non-muslims have regardless of race, there is an astounding difference in dialectic. The Ultra-Kiasu is aptly named so.

    There is this big cultural gap between Malays in Chinese whereby we percieve one as being lazy and one hardworking, when actually it is related to the age and experience of a particular race. One race has has encountered hardship, wars, famine and went onto immigration while the other had abundant resources, an unhurried life and mostly peaceful life, this would then shape the different attitudes concerning the utilization of limited resources when they encounter each other. One would be taking what they can while the other would give way, until finally the native gets irked by this aliens encroachment.

    It is still early but i do know that a reaction similar too being colonised is brewing, tolerance has its limits.

  33. Mr. Tee,
    First, what exactly were you trying too achieve by displaying such ignorance too the realities around you, and secondly, as an academician, what do you spend your time reading? How narrow minded can a person get? You have got to learn how to look at the big picture and not dwell on your tunneled pictorials of Santa Clause and graveyards! I am dismayed and embarrassed to have you lecturing in one of our Malaysian institutions! Go get some help my good man. Read more, speak to intelligent people, think, research, travel, do something but please don't embarass yourself and Malaysians like that again!