Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lower the ultra kiasu attitude before debate

(Mingguan Malaysia, 6 December)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

On the morning of 25 November 2009, I received a call from the MCA headquarters. Followed up from the call was an official invitation letter from the MCA Youth chief inviting me to an open debate together with Prof. Khoo Kay Kim on the one school system issue. After that I received calls from the China Press about my response related to the invitation. I told them to read my response in the Mingguan Malaysia. Since I can be patient with the earlier condemnations and accusations hurled at me for weeks by this newspaper affiliated to the ultra kiasu, why can't this newspaper be patient waiting for my response? Do they want to continue exploiting news about me? Be patient for patience is the greatest virtue.

Alhamdulilllah, the time has arrived. I am grateful to Kay Kim for accepting the invitation. Let us discuss the issue openly. If possible let this debate or forum to be broadcasted directly through the television channels and electronic media in our country. Let the people know what actually happens in an effort to strengthen the nation. Education must not be politicized in the country. It is too sacred to strengthen this multiracial nation of ours. I would like to propose that these forums be conducted in the Malay language in the spirit of 1Malaysia, rather than in English. We would like to see that a few people resulted from the SJKC will be selected to debate on these issues in the national language also.

Before the debate, I wish to remind the MCA Youth chief and his excited colleagues to solve its own party showmanship first. Is the purpose of the debate to divert the attention of the party internal problems? Or are there any possibility that the problems in the party were used as an excuse to demand and request? My advice is that not to imitate the foot steps practiced by the ultra kiasu party which is known to be uncompromised. The ultra kiasu party is very cunning and clever in taking advantage. Is there an alliance to bring up this issue?

I suggest that the youth leader stop crying because of problems in the party before the debate. I am just afraid that there will be tears later after the debate. Do not waste your tears because of politics. Let us cry thinking on the greatness of God and be grateful with the plentiful of grace that has been bestowed to our country. That will be more meaningful. Power obtained today is only a loan. It can disappear anytime as what is happening in the youth party. Therefore, use it properly and do not be too demanding until following the foot steps of the ultra kiasu party. We need to have our own stand especially in strengthening 1Malaysia.

I hereby urged again that before the debate, the MCA youth need to think and formulate strategies on how to win the hearts of the Chinese in the coming election in order not to lose into the hands of the ultra kiasu group. Is MCA not aware that the seats they won today were seats contested in the Malay majority? Do not pretend not to know on the tolerance and support given by the Malays? Do you think the Malays (Muslims) could win if they contest in the non-Malays majority? In fact the Malays are quite reluctant to vote the non-Malays if there is a Malay candidate contesting in the same place. So, why are they willing to vote the non-Malay (Chinese and Indian)? Please study this noble characteristic. Do not just jump when the vernacular schools are touched. Think for the future.

Remember! The Malays are the one who gives victory to the MCA. Otherwise, the MCA and Gerakan will be embarrassed. How many more positions will be appointed senators to meet the quota of the Chinese in this country? If the votes counted won by the MCA against the DAP, most of the votes won by MCA were Malay votes although they lost at the hands of the ultra kiasu. Who are more tolerant and not racist? The Malays are willing to put aside their principles merely because of MCA. So beneficial are MCA and Gerakan, despite losing, they will still have senator seats.

What is so clear is that the more seats the ultra kiasu party win; there will be more senator seats for the MCA and Gerakan. Eventually all three parties benefited. Win or lose, they are winners. Who are the losers? The Malays were forced to sacrifice. Sacrificial attitude is very good, especially in conjunction with the Eid al-Adha festivals, but not extending to self sacrificial! When will the other party willing to sacrifice? It is just not only enough by attending sacrificial ceremonies to say that it is in the spirit of 1Malaysia. Hence, after that followed with postings in the blog. This tactic is already redundant. If you do not believe, just visit the ultra kiasu members of parliament blogs and also the youth blog that is calling for the debate.

Recently some Chinese organizations have urged the government to replace MCA with them because MCA can no longer represent the interests of the Chinese. I wish to ask how many more organizations are requesting to represent the interests of the Chinese. Hasn't the ultra kiasu party, Gerakan and other NGOs of the ethnic group already representing them? Externally being criticized, internally they are being persuaded. This does not include states won by allies of the ultra kiasu such as in Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan, and not discounting Perak before this. Is it true that their voices cannot be heard if MCA does not exist? In my opinion, even without these parties representing the ethnic group, their rights will be protected, because it is guaranteed in the constitution and also in the holy teachings of Islam.

I believe the Islamic religion professed by the Malays will not marginalize the non-Muslims compared to the fate of the Malays in Singapore. It had been proven that when the Muslims ruled, the non-Muslims can have a good life. Their rights are guaranteed. These happen because of the tolerant teachings of Islam which teaches the believers not to persecute others. On the other hand when the non-Muslim rules instead, the Muslims spirits are being tortured.

Take a lesson from the film on the true historic story entitled Kingdom of Heaven which was aired on TV2 recently about the relationship between Islam (al-Ayubi Sallahuddin) and the Christian crusaders in the city of Jerusalem in the year 1188. When the crusaders ruled, the Muslims were killed indiscriminately. The violence depicted the blood of the Muslims killed flowed to the knees. However, when the Muslim army defeated the crusaders, the non-Muslims were not killed, but instead their rights were protected. The crusaders prisoners of war were well treated by the Muslims. This is the beauty of the Islamic teachings which the practice are being continued by the leadership of the Islamic country until today. Therefore, do not take this opportunity until became irrational and ultra kiasu.

In the MCA youth letter to me, they wrote that what I had written in the article on November 22 had created the anger of the parents, students and alumni of the Chinese schools. Had a survey been made? How could they made a research within 3 days and obtained the results? Have I wrongly labeled the ultra kiasu on one particular group only or have I overlook the youth wing of this group? I hope the MCA youth level has not reached that level yet. Having been with BN for that long, have they failed to understand the aspirations and needs of the government? Do not follow the foot steps of the ultra kiasu party, otherwise our generations will lose.

Let me state clearly that the Malays will not lose in the long term for their population are increasing whereas the Chinese population continues to decline. I am not sure whether if we can change that with the strategy of bringing in the people from Vietnam and China by way of marrying them! Perhaps the Ministry of Home Affairs can investigate. If this increasing trend continues, it means that the Malay rights will be increasing, too. They are able to change the constitution in the future, including eliminating the vernacular school. Consequently, who will lose in the end? Therefore, do not take advantage of the current political situation which is not in favor to the Malay Muslims today.

If we continue to be defensive and ultra kiasu, our great-grandchildren will face the greater loss. It is better that today we learn to understand the Malays rather than understanding the west. If we continue to be recalcitrant eventually our future generations will be the victims. By that time we are considered their ancestors. We will be condemned by these future generations for being too ultra kiasu.

Namawee is a clear example of ultra kiasu. It was already a controversial issue to offend the Negaraku recently and the latest with the ultra kiasu attitude against TNB. I do not blame him completely. TNB's attitudes need to be corrected also. Are we serious with our business? The 15454 line sometimes were not answered even after several calls. This led Namawee to the office of TNB due to the blackout in his residence area. He scolded TNB with harsh words in Chinese language which were offensive when his complaint was not treated well by the staff of TNB who was then seen eating banana and drinking coffee. This species are actually plenty. This type of attitude is closely related to the educational system and racial politics of today.

The Biro Tata Negara (BTN) does not pose danger as the ultra kiasu attitude. We can agree to disagree with the arguments presented by BTN as reported for we have the right to accept or reject. It is the same situation as why the ultra kiasu party and its allies can be friends with PAS, but yet reject the Islamic country championed by PAS. This attitude is much more dangerous for we became thorns in the flesh or the enemy in the camouflage. Pretending to be nice in the front but is actually evil in the back. Personally, we have to think of the danger in front of our eyes which is the ultra kiasu ego attitude, the racist education and the racist politics.

I would agree with the course organized by the ultra kiasu alliance to replace the BTN course if the course can reduce the ultra kiasu attitude that nest in them which also included those that invited the debate. I am worried that they will continue to become more ultra. If you do not believe, try to include a module on the Malay system of governing, Islamic country and privileges for the Malays to be discussed to understand better on the intention of the Malays and Islam. Observe the reactions from this handful group within these three parties.

I have repeatedly stated that it is necessary for us to appreciate the compromises that we have currently. Having not enough with that, acts by acts of the law had been amended to protect their feelings and to satisfy all parties, to the extend hurting our feelings, but a group of the ultra kiasu is never satisfied. Calves given not enough, instead the thighs are being requested. Today we need to make a little sacrifice; otherwise the future generations will be sacrificed. Consider all these issues before we debate.


  1. Hello!
    I don't see something wrong to discuss :
    -racism (against human rights)
    -politization of culture and education (it's against human rights)
    -morality belongs from religion (anybody can choose his religion)
    -west it's full of imorality; I'm christian orthodox; I can sense, when I pray, this help me to be a moral persson in society;

    It's about don't permit to dis-honoured mr. Obama, US president, a good man;
    I know him;
    We all which know him, could insist to re-establish the human rights, not just in your points wroten here, but many others;
    His an onest man; I think he canot refuse such requests, which are part of human rights;
    All European, USA and other countries signed a treat-an agree, accord, in the problem of human rights;
    I wish to you Success, to eliminate anti-constitutional laws, embarrissing you
    Ion Tudor

  2. Hey Tee,

    Do you mind to tell me from which world you are coming from? Go back to your MARS. Don't stay any longer here. Earth does not have a place like you. You can continue to write whatever you want on MARS.