Sunday, November 29, 2009

We will lose if continue accommodating

(Mingguan Malaysia, 29 November)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

Many people asked how Lee Kuan Yew can be successful with the system of one school in Singapore using English as the main language. Lee Kuan Yew was highly praised because he was willing to sacrifice the mother tongue language for the national interest. Is it true? My answer is Lee Kuan Yew had no choice. Hence, he had to make a stand. If there are choices, I believe he would have acted otherwise. Remember! Mandarin is still an important subject over there compared to the Malay language, being the reason that they are the majority.

We need to understand the history of Singapore on why Lee Kuan Yew had to choose the English language? If Singapore did not originate from the system of the Malay country, I believe Lee Kuan Yew will not choose the English language. Lee Kuan Yew has long been able to read the psychological mindset of the Malays. His ability to read and write Jawi managed to melt the Malays. If the Chinese language was chosen, it will be certainly opposed by the Malays at that time.

Singapore can not be separated with the Malays. Even until to this day I would still say that Singapore is a country in the Malay Archipelago. Unless Singapore is in the archipelago such as Taiwan, then I would recognize it as a nation of its own. Lee Kuan Yew only sacrificed the Mandarin language only temporarily. Let us not make the assumption that Singapore is well developed for using the English language. It is actually closely related to the nature of ultra kiasu.

We should not be surprised that Singapore can be a developed nation within a short period. If Singapore is destined to be as big as Malaysia or Indonesia, I believe it would not be where it is now. Singapore is fortunate because of its location and size which were the many factors that help made it into the developed countries. Do not be too impressed with its leadership until we forget what it has done to our country before this. Do we still have the memory on the history and the dark events that lead to the separation of Malaysia-Singapore? Did the entry of Singapore into Malaysia truly sincere? Read the history. What is important today is how to overcome their ultra kiasu attitude which is highly dangerous to our country's politics. Remember, the followers of this ultra kiasu from Singapore are plenty in our country, thus they do not cease from requesting and demanding. Are we still not aware? In short, they are not alone.

Just look at how much strategic land has been mortgaged? Similarly, with the luxury houses that had been purchased? Do not discount the water agreement and water catchment's areas which are being protected by their armed forces even in Johor. Lee Kuan Yew rarely visits to Malaysia after the separation, but why was he willing to tour our country recently, particularly to Penang? Do you realize what were being discussed explicitly and implicitly? Think. Do not overlook on the fate of the Malays in Penang? Do not regret after being hit. Before you are hit you need to be careful. When rice has turned into porridge, it is already too late. The disunity among us is a clear indication of their success.

Wake up my dear friends, the Malay Muslims in Singapore have been successfully melted. Today a handful of the Malays are sweetened with power and are already not as Malay Muslims. They had not only been melted, but no longer concern about the Malay Muslims, except for those in the madrasahs. To what extent can the madrasahs with hold? It is still remains a big question today. The position of the madrasahs is decreasing. Similarly, their mosques are facing the same thing, too. Have we not realized? It is already enough that we lose Pulau Batu Putih. Don't just regret over it. Take it as a lesson before it is too late. Those who are strong with the Malay Muslims spirit will never be selected as leaders or ministers over there. Therefore, such person like Dr. Lily Zubaidah Rahim (2001) was thrown out from her own land. This is because for speaking to protect the interests of the Malay Muslims. Have we not learned from this?

Let us ponder why Singapore today spend almost USD11 billion a year on defense just to strengthen the country with a population of only 4.6 million and is ranked number 23 in the world? It is more than double the amount that Indonesia spends on defense (USD 4.7 billion). Their defense expenditure far exceeded our country which is not even listed in the world ranking. Have we realized that their close allies are the enemies of Islam such as Israel, America, Australia, Britain and others? Have we not thought on what were their actual agenda if it is not because of us? I am confident that we will not lose the island of Batu Putih if our strength exceeded theirs. Our threats and warnings would have shaken them. But why they are so bold and rude? Because they already knew their strength and is ever ready to face any consequences. Tendency for them to win big is in their favor.

Perhaps the defense experts may not agree with me. But we must remember, today we are no longer using humans to fight but technological sophistications is the word. Make a comparison on our war defense technology with Singapore. The difference would be like the sky and the earth. We should spend more money on national defense. Unfortunately, more money was used for politics instead for defending the country. It's time we reduce slightly on politicizing for the sake of building our national defense strength.

To what extend do we want to continue to believe that the cold war has ended and that the world is safe? Enemies are no longer around and we do not need to be strong? Have we not realized that the enemy is growing stronger and is always discussing plans to destroy us?

Henceforth, I hereby appeal that we do not engage ourselves in politics too much. So much time and money were used up just to defeat among ourselves. Unfortunately, we are not only engaging ourselves politically in politics, but in other areas as well. Take for instance in seizing power in the office or public bodies, agencies, NGOs and others. These do not include the issues of corruption. In short, nearly in every areas the Muslims engaged themselves politically. Politics is actually a loss and weakening itself. Ultra kiasu will take advantage.

The enemy will continue planning to make the Muslims fight among themselves. Today we are being instigated with Indonesia. Who are the provocateurs? Let us think together. Simple logic, if the neighboring Islamic countries are fighting with each other, then it would be easier for the country and the ultra kiasu to organize their strategy. Let us not be too emotional among ourselves for I am afraid we will not benefit anything.

The West is making the Arab countries fighting among themselves. As a result, the illegalized Israel gained control of the Arab countries with a ratio of 1 Israeli to more than hundred Arabs. 100 Arabs could not defeat 1 Israeli. While in terms of logic, 1 person can be flooded by 100 people that teamed up to urinate on the Israeli. Instead the opposite resulted. The one successfully defeated the 100. Arab-Israeli scenario is similar to the Singapore-Malay archipelago. They are already prepared with all the power of technology. We continue to politicize with no end.

We are fortunate that today we have became consumers of technology and not the creator. The benefit is that we do not need to spend additional time to create the technology because it has been created. So much time developing these technologies have been saved. What is needed today is to fully utilize these technologies and capitalize them as what is being done by Iran. Instead, Iran is being victimized by the West.

The West and the ultra kiasu have successfully read the thoughts of the Muslims. They knew that their technology is used by the Muslims. The Muslims will become stronger if the technology is capitalized fully. Thus, before that to happen, they break and melt them for easy controlling. It appears that their strategy is successful. The Muslims were successfully controlled and broken up. It is not because they are not technological savvy. Actually they are clever. Instead they were being induced to fight and quarrel among themselves over petty issues such as the Bali pendet dance. Unfortunately, for those not fighting, the technology is not being capitalized but being used incorrectly instead. Eventually the spirit became empty and melted.

Therefore, I am appealing that we begin the first step by resolving the basic issues related to the education in our country. This is because education is very important as a defense mechanism stronghold. It should begin with one school system. The foundations of patriotism must be present. Do not gamble the future and the national security systems in order to maintain power today. If popularity is lost but the future of education is secured, it's only for a while not to be popular. What is the use of popularity if the education future and country eroding? Retreating does not mean we are defeated. Instead it is to recoup our strength, rather than we continue to lose and eventually be defeated. I still remember the words in Latin "si vis Pacem para bellum", which means that if you wish for peace, prepare for war. Are we ready in that direction when others had already prepared themselves long ago? If they are too ultra kiasu, are we too accommodating? We need to be firmed against them for the future interest. Remember! We will lose if we continue accommodating.

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