Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Intentionally Breakoff in Islam

(Mingguan Malaysia, 25 October)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

I was accused for collaborating with UMNO and was paid millions to write articles. Oh! What an easy way to be rich. Just by writing articles to condemn the opposition with racial overtones, UMNO shall pay. Maybe after this, the readers can join me to become rich. It is an easy method, criticize the oppositions and praise UMNO, hence we shall be paid millions. That's how rich is UMNO! This is an ultra kiasu mindset. They are untouchables. Everyone is wrong except them.

I was being challenged for not questioning UMNO for being corrupted. For everyone information, please read my article in Utusan Malaysia (December 22, 2008). I have written that to accept corruption is so much disgusting than eating pork or either way, it is much better to eat pork rather than accepting corruption. That is how disgusting it is to accept corruption. Why the oppositions did not support me then? This is the third class mentality of our society that we are happy if it happens on others, however, when it happens on ourselves, it is like spitting into the sky. Are we that 'clean'? Remember, we are just an ordinary people, and are not perfect. I do not deny that the existence of the opposition alliance in the democratic system is important as check and balance to the system.

There is only one thing I am requesting, that whichever is good, please accept and support. However, as for the bad, it should be debated wisely. Do not just reject everything because differences in opinions. What is more humiliating is resorting to personal attacks. Are we actually better off? Remember, sometimes we also have some secrets to ourselves. We also make mistakes, but we dare not reveal them, for fear of facing the truth.

Honestly speaking, if PAS has the intention to establish an Islamic state and to carry out its laws, the ultra kiasu party and its alliances are not appropriate alliances for them. The reason is that the ultra kiasu party and its alliances, do not agree with Islam. The ultra kiasu party is very strongly against Islam. Are we still not aware of that? Meanwhile, the allies as at today have never issued any statement supporting the idea of PAS to establish an Islamic state. How about PAS instead try to ask the highest leadership in the alliance? The answer would be they do not want Islam. Clearly in their personal agenda is to avenge. It is because due to the anger of one mosquito, the whole mosquito net is burn. Who are the losers? Actually the Muslims are the losers. Have the non-Muslims lose anything? No, not really. They will eventually gain either in the BN or Pakatan Rakyat, even they face the internal crisis within the party itself.

Therefore, it is not an empty rhetoric when I proposed that PAS cooperate with UMNO to create a unity government. PAS and UMNO are the dominant parties for the Muslims in this country. The directions of the Malay Muslims depend on this two Malay Islamic parties and not the ultra kiasu party and its' newly ally which are very newly formed. They have hidden agenda. I am asking all of you to read all the materials which are plentiful in the internet. Do not forget to read also the Freemason struggle. You will obtain a clearer understanding.

The benefit of PAS taking UMNO as a friend will eventually produce better Islamic results compared with the ultra kiasu party which has clearly rejected Islam, including its ally. The state of Selangor for instance on Islam, even though it is lead by a Muslim leader; has the light on Islam been reflected? Please ponder. Don't create a conflict on yourself as it will make you more miserable. The sayings, love your enemy as yourself for you would know their hearts better as yours rather than the enemy in camouflage and the fox in sheep's clothing, which are folded scissors or thorns in the flesh.

I'm not a member of UMNO and I do not even get one sen from UMNO. But I can see that the Muslims political are at a disadvantage. If having UMNO as a friend, and yet unable to uphold Islam, does having the enemies of UMNO as friends will instead uphold Islam? No, I do not think so. Therefore, make a justification which one is better. That's it. End of the story.

Our politics are more to avenge. This is an obvious political weakness of the Malays. We are willing to break heads and break everything just because of different opinions as portrayed in the recent Bagan Pinang's by-election. The others also quarrel, but they quarrel like brothers and sisters. Today they are seen to be quarrelling, but tomorrow they become friends again. There was no news on heads injury. Why is this not happening to us? Why should charcoal easily broken with a stroke? This problem has been haunting the Muslims today until we are being taken advantaged. The Muslims become a drifter in its own land. Are we confident to stand up after this?

Compared with China, they have only one China. There is no issue of Taiwan excluding itself from China. In the government of China, Taiwan is Chinese. The Chinese remains as Chinese. Taiwan cannot be in cahoots with the American to destroy China. Why? The answer is because the Chinese government, know who is the real enemy and the enemy in camouflage. Any attempts to destroy China will be uncompromised.

Thus, the Chinese government is very strict with Taiwan. Any attempt to 'Americanized' Taiwan will be completely opposed. China is taking the approach of one Chinese and the dignity of its race is more important than everything. By adhering to the principle of this ONE, China eventually became great. The staunch enemy, America also became fearful of it, too, let alone an enemy who is trying to become the enemy in camouflage. Their civilization is inherited from their ancestors who cannot be bought nor compromised. If Taiwan is being spoilt, then the concept of ONE China unity will destroy. I hope the readers understood this little comparison with our country and which is related with my last week article. That is how great of the in heritage of the ancestral teachings and civilizations of that race.

Islam does not consider the ancestors as important, because we have Allah as the most compassionate. In fact, by having Allah with us, we should be greater than those who believe in ancestors. Allah created the ancestors. Why is it that today when people who worshiped Allah are considered more despicable than those who worship the ancestors? Don't blame Allah, because we are not united in the name of Allah, even Allah has warned; that to hold fast to the rope of Allah and not to be divided.

People who were confident with Allah were proven to be great. Look at the civilizations that were brought along by Prophet Muhammad. There is no shortage of anything. The question is why are the Prophet SAW believers so naive? Is it so difficult for us to unite on the basis of Islam? Is the union of Islam has to be delayed until the existence of an Islamic country or the implementation of Islamic law?

Are we unable to read the Islamic real politics of our country? Can we establish an Islamic country implementing the Islamic law when the country's population is not solid nor one hundred percent Muslim. How do we force the almost 50 percent non-Muslims to accept the Islamic law? Are we not aware that the non-Muslims will never ever agree with Islam?

If that is the situation, can PAS actually establish an Islamic country if their friends have clearly rejected Islam? I don't think so. If that's the case, why are we presently not grateful to the current existing Islamic leadership and try instead to strengthen the Islamic values despite the fact that the actual Islamic law cannot be implemented?

Today, I think we need to sit together to figure out how to implement the Islamic values into our country rather than to speak on hudud laws which are difficult to implement because our country majority-minority are not large. Perhaps Brunei, Pakistan and other Arab countries have no difficulty to implement the Islamic laws. But in Malaysia our geographical population is different.

It is better to implement the Islamic values because I believe the Islamic values are also being shared by all religions. There isn't any good value in Islam being rejected by other religions. What is forbidden by Islam is also forbid by other religions such as adultery, gambling, drinking, gossiping and etc. All other good values need not be mentioned, because I do believe everyone would agree, except for those who are too enthusiastic with the western way of life.

If there is any religion that says that what is prohibited in Islam is allowed, and the good values are rejected, then I would dare to say that their religion should be despised. But I believe there is none. What I have learned as a Buddhist and a Christian before, actually there are many similarities. We need to find that similarities and resolve so as to implement them, rather than wasting time discussing something that are far away from the real politics and so difficult to implement. In the end, so much time is exhausted, money wasted, because of discussing things that cannot be implemented for not understanding the real politics and being divided for no apparent reasons. Who are actually at a loss?

I am not rejecting an Islamic country and Islamic law, but as a political researcher, I read the Malaysian real politics. I am saddened and very concerned to see the Muslims divided among themselves. Fragmentation is always at a loss. We have lost Singapore, and do we want to see a second Singapore and after that a third Singapore?

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