Sunday, September 27, 2009

Danger of Fox in Sheep's Clothing

(Mingguan Malaysia, 27 September)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

The Malay proverb stated that whoever eats chili will feels its spiciness. As expected, there are some who felt the spiciness. Those who are uncivilized continue attacking me personally. The facts provided by me were not debated. Instead I was accused of being a hypocrite.

My writings were considered as venoms damaging the glory of Aidil Fitri celebrations. For those who accused me, were they not hypocrites, too? Foxes in sheep's clothing are the real hypocrites! If I'm accused of hypocrisy, at least I am being truthful.

The Chinese proverb stated that if you dare to eat salted fish, and then be prepared to be thirsty. As an academician and a writer, I am responsible for my writings. Only cowards attack my personality. The Malays, who partnered with this ultra kiasu party, I hereby urged them to withdraw before it is too late. Foxes in sheep's clothing are very cunning. They will take advantage of us to achieve their goals.

Take note that this group is wise enough to read the psychology and sentiments of the Malays. Currently, they are busy campaigning for membership from the Malays. Their objective is, to win the Malays hearts besides achieving their hidden agenda. This ultra kiasu group claimed that their party is for all races, whereas we are aware that it is dominated by one race. The non-Malays are merely a gimmick only. It would be most unfortunate if those who are called 'Ustaz' to join them one day.

The emergences of several Malay lately in their party were highlighted excessively, to prove that they are not a chauvinist party as claimed by others.

Apparently, they acted very well. Assisting religious schools and having their presence in the breaking of fast ceremony and provided Moreh assistance during the month of Ramadan recently were deliberately announced so that the Malays will 'melt' with their acting.

Basically, these are the normal routine duties of an elected representative of the people. It is not unusual. It is an obvious duty of an elected representative to look after the welfare of the people. What use of the term 'elected representative' if it is not to serve the people. People choose them. Therefore, it is appropriate that they take care of the welfare of the people. Only that they are quite cunning. They are clever to obscure the Rakyat eyes. They appeared to help when people were afflicted. Only offered their help when someone in pain. Are they really sincere?

Their help has caused the Malays to feel obligated. The Malays were unconsciously affected by their actions. This opportunity is used by the kiasu party to their advantages.


The political disunity among the Malay Muslims today has created the opportunity for this ultra kiasu group. They will try to get the maximum political 'mileage' and will attack the personality of anyone who is considered a threat to them.

This time, the ultra kiasu attacked my personality touching on my career and my salary. The salary I received which is considered as part of the tax paid by the Rakyat was considered as a waste to be paid to me.

For your information, my salary is not that much compared to an elected representative who also receives from the same source. Their monthly income is many times more than what I receive. Are their works and acting at par with their remunerations? Do a self reflection. If they truly emulate the works of Umar Abdul Aziz, I would agree. But is it really happening? Don't simply accuse others without making a self reflection first.

Are the duties of an elected representative only to help and attend the fast breaking, providing Moreh assistance and officiating seminars and projects? Obviously the duties of an elected representative are more than that or more than the norms. Rather than acting without any purpose.

My basic duties as an academician have never been interrupted besides providing ideas to awaken the Muslims. Why this elected representative has became so angry? Has the newspaper published an article not in favor to them? I think they will not attack me if I am truly Malay. It is just because I am of the same race, and I am not in the same wavelength, therefore my character is being assassinated.

However, if my article was destined to be published in their newspaper, and to criticize the government instead, then I would be their idol. This is how ultra kiasu thinks.

I hereby call the kiasu elected representative that if you want to rule according to Umar Abdul Aziz, make a study of its noble attributes. Umar, as a leader who is very 'low profile' or humble and with an open mind, accepted the Rakyat criticism. For Umar, the Rakyat is first, because it is entrusted by Allah SWT. Among the principles of Umar Abdul Aziz was "People First, Performance Now". The question is why is this kiasu group criticizing these noble attributes?

Umar helped the poor without expecting any recognition or publicity. Umar took the approach of giving through the right hand and hiding the left hand. A part of Umar's assets were used for the people's benefits. His honesty and transparency were an exemplary. Unlike exhibits of cosmetic pictures to portray a leader with all races as shown by this kiasu elected representative.

Announcing good work to every corners of the region just to win over the hearts of the Malays is not Umar Abdul Aziz style. The Muslims must remember, the elected representative has accused the Muslims as extremists and also encourage the sale of liquor and other matters that are prohibited in Islam. Has he apologized when asked to do so? The answer, is never because they are absolutely not agreeable with Islam, instead will try their best to disconnect this identity from the Malays.

Searching for cheap publicity is moronic culture or the mindset of the third class. This group is very cunning to use every opportunity when the people are weak. Actually they do not make any progress. But they cleverly mimic the chicken, lay only an egg and make the whole village excited with it. Unfortunately, there are some among the Malays easily believed and testified that this ultra kiasu party could save them.


Without forgetting, those who plot with them also denounced me, saying that my writings have made the non-Muslims to distance themselves from Islam. Have the non-Muslims been closer to Islam prior to my writings been published in the newspaper? Let us reflect whether Islam is closer or being distanced away after the events of September 11? I know for a fact is that the stronger the west is against Islam, the stronger is Islam being well received. Therefore, what is the real meaning of dakwah? I think the partners of this ultra kiasu party can provide the answer.

Dakwah should be viewed in a broad perspective, and not to assassinate the character of an individual that is seen as a threat. My scopes of studies include strategic studies, politics and governments. I write based on my field and my career as an academician.

Preaching is meant to speak the truth even if it is bitter. Not just only giving speeches. If preaching is merely giving speeches, I do not think Umar Abdul Aziz will accept a job as an administrator or a statesman. Why Umar Abdul Aziz accepted the political office as a statesman? He used it as a political tool for dakwah. The power used was for the benefit of the people and not for personal interest.

It is so unfortunate for this ultra kiasu group. They want to follow Umar Abdul Aziz, but they only took a piece of method from Umar Abdul Aziz government just to obscure the eyes of the public.

I was advised not to interfere in their affairs, because this is not my business. Have they not been interfering in our affairs all these while? I had to intervene because I am a Muslim. Muslims have to correct what is wrong, acting on the basis of against the wrong and uphold the right in honor to save the Muslims as a whole.

If I'm not entitled to interfere with their affairs, then they are also not entitled to interfere with the affairs of Muslims. Try counting how many matters pertaining to Islam that have been interfered by this ultra kiasu group. How many hearts of the Muslims that have been hurt by their actions? Have they apologized? Examples of issues relating to apostasy, converts, grabbing of dead converts, issue of Islamic country, sharia court issues and many other issues that I do not need to highlight further. Are these not the ultra kiasu intervention?

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