Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Rocket Destination is not to the Moon

(Mingguan Malaysia, 1 November)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

Being Muslims we must believe and obey whatever came from Allah, because we are his invented creatures. However, at the same time we also need to know the real politics of our country and our society. Can Islamic country be established implementing the Islamic law when the country's population is neither solid nor near to one hundred percent Muslims? How do we force the non-Muslims which are almost 50 percent to accept the Islamic law? Perhaps we would argue that the law of Islam is for the Muslims only and the non-Muslims according to the teachings of their religions. The question is, has the party or those ultra kiasu ever agreed with these ideas? I do not have to repeat what were their answers.

I am very much surprised on why we were so anxious to follow the rocket to the moon? Eventually, we knew that the rocket destination is not to the moon. I am worried on those with the rocket already equip themselves with parachutes when they knew that the rocket will not be allowed to reach the moon. If that's the case, why we are willing to take the rocket with them? Why we can't just switch the rocket with another aircraft which already has its destination but approaching it differently?

Are we not able to sit together discussing the destination? Even we are not traveling together, the least we should do is to initiate the first move by sitting and facing each other to discuss on the best methods to arrive at the destination. Do not continue having negative presumptions. Why able to have good presumptions with the enemy who is already clearly known with its bad intentions?

We need to figure out together on how to implement the Islamic values in our country rather than addressing the difficult question on implementing the law because our country majority-minority is not large. Perhaps Brunei, Pakistan and other Arab countries have no difficulty to implement the Islamic law. However, in Malaysia our geographical population is different.

It is better to first strengthen the Islamic values because I believe the Islamic values are also shared by all religions. I have not seen any single good values of Islam rejected by other religions. What is forbidden by Islam also forbids other religions such as adultery, gambling, drinking, and etc. Whoever rejects the values of religion today is among those who are too enthusiastic with the western way of life glorifying the human rights. Today it appears that the human rights extremism have destroyed the west. The west began to realize the importance of religious life (Ziglar, 2000).

Whereas the west have begun approaching religion, do we want to inculcate the devastation they have experienced into our lives. Actually there are many similarities in the values shared by all religions that we have not implemented. This is what I have learned as a Buddhist and a Christian before. We need to find the similarities and resolve to implement them, rather than wasting time discussing something that is far away from the real politics and very difficult to implement. In the end, money is wasted, because of discussing things that cannot be implemented for not understanding the real politics and being divided for no apparent reasons. Who actually are at lost?

I'm not rejecting an Islamic country or the Islamic law, but as a political researcher, I studied the Malaysian real politics. I am sad and very concerned to see the Muslims divided. We have lost Singapore and do we want to see a second Singapore after this? Are we unable to anticipate the thoughts of these ultra kiasu? They viciously attacked us with courage. Do we want to continue surrendering?

Just look at the fate of the Member of Parliament for Bandar Baru Kulim, Zulkifli Nordin. I sympathized so much with him. His intentions are good; do not want the condoms and liquor to be sold openly in the convenience stores. But his views were heavily attacked by the ultra kiasu group, particularly by the non-Muslim women who do not use condoms. Actually, the men should be the one to object because condoms are used by them, but unfortunately those who do not use condoms are more vocal instead, insisting that condoms to be sold in the public and to be used during sexual intercourse as 'safe sex'. What was more pathetic was that some Muslims also object. Do we actually have 'safe sex' by just using condoms? We should instead question the reasons for using the condoms in the first instance. Are those using condoms already married?

I am confident that most of them who use condoms are practicing sex freely. For married couples, they rarely use them for Allah has provided the best that required no further modifications. However, for those who do not believe in God, having sex freely is their choice, henceforth condoms are strewn everywhere. Those who violated God's commands should not be defended compared to those who want to follow God's commands. I am sure for married couples, if they ever use condoms, they understand the meaning of embarrassment, thus the condoms will be purchased 'secretly' and will be kept in its respective places.

Anyway for those who are not easily embarrass, they would openly and proudly purchase condoms and alcohol in public. Are those using condoms actually felt that sex is safer, while their actions are questionable? If only married couples using condoms for safer sex, I would feel much relieved. Instead, the overall condom's customers consist of those who only want safe sex, although this method may not be actually safe.

If condoms and alcohol are conceived as freedom and human rights, I would suggest that those who oppose them of being sold in private to place the condoms and alcohol at the front door in order to facilitate their children to have safe sex. Just purchase a dozen and put them at the front door or near the dining table. Why should condoms be kept in the house after they had been purchased? If they are suitable for sale openly, then it is also good to place them in strategic places in the house for the children usage. Say to them that 'if you want safe sex, use condoms'. I am sure that those who like condoms will not agree to put the condoms openly. The question is if condoms are not suitable to be placed in the house openly, then why should they to be sold openly in the stores?

It is common sense that the implementation of this matter does not need to be discussed. Perhaps it is well practiced in the west, but not in Malaysia for the community in the east is well known of its ethics and politeness. I'm neither against condoms nor the usage of alcohol, but please have some tactfulness when addressing something that is contrary to the human norms and ethics, although it is never an offence to be used by those who are husband and wife.

I am confident that those who like condoms and alcohol are among the types of people who do not fear God. Husband and wife rarely use condoms because it is not that exciting in a sexual relationship that is 'halal'. Do we after this will support the idea of having condom vending machines and alcohol vending machines outside the building just like the water vending machines on the basis of human rights? Today, why we are not discussing the exploitations brought by the usage of condom and alcohol? Have we actually study on how many innocent people died due to the abuse usage of alcohol that will lead to the failure in car drivers which caused road accidents?

Therefore, I would support if condoms and liquor are sold in private. This is the eastern ethics set forth in the pillars of our country's constitution. Let us be ashamed to do anything that is damaging including having sex freely . Just by quoting only condoms, we should feel ashamed, even though it may be necessary.

Actually, condoms and liquor will destroy the Muslims. When the Muslims are weak and corrupt, then the ultra kiasu group will dominate the minds of the Muslims. Thus, they are against any attempts to hide the condoms and alcohol from the public, for the damage will not be them but the Muslims. I am so worried that we will not be able to rise again after falling. By then, we will be empowered by them.

For those going to the moon, are you sure the rocket will actually lead us there?

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