Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Benefit of being United in Silence

(Mingguan Malaysia, 18 October)
Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Senior Lecturer, National Defence University Malaysia

The recent crisis that occurred in the MCA political party should not alarmed us at all. This is a common happening in politics. The important question is what had we learned from this crisis? I'm not that concerned with the MCA nor Gerakan, because both of these parties are not strong among the Chinese itself compared with another Chinese party that is ultra kiasu. Therefore, I do not actually have much concerned on the fate that had befallen on both of these BN component parties.

I would be more overwhelmed if the ultra kiasu party is in crisis instead. But until today this party seldom has any crisis. Instead, this party continues maturing and has had many useful experiences. More importantly they are able to read with precise on the Malays' psychology. Thus, this party is increasingly getting attention and trust, posing dangerously to the Malaysian politics. Moreover, this party has rarely lost in the Chinese majority in any PRUs and by-elections. Without any doubts, they will also win in a Malay majority area one day. It is not impossible; if the Malays continue their act to burn the mosquito net because of one mosquito compared to the practice to strip-shred the chicken feathers which will eventually merge.

If we analyzed the elections, most of the seats won by the MCA and Gerakan were contested in the Malay majority areas. If MCA and Gerakan were to compete in the Chinese majority areas against this ultra kiasu party, I believe, both parties will face with a severe loss. For instance this is happening in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and the majority urban areas. These are the written and unwritten results of the voting trends that I hope the readers are able to figure out.

Perhaps, some may be asking how Gerakan has been able to sustain itself in Penang? The answer is to study the Gerakan's history and the causes that led to May 13, 1969 incident, i.e. prior joining the Barisan Nasional. Gerakan was chosen because during that time, Gerakan was outspoken and very vocal to voice the fate of their race. But when Gerakan began to compromise with the government, which ultimately led to it being rejected, hence the ultra kiasu party won in the 12th PRU. In other words, the more ultra kiasu a political party, the more they will get the support and attention. This simply means that the ultra kiasu party will be supported by those who are also ultra kiasu. I do not accuse all the Chinese as ultra kiasu. The fact is that this ultra kiasu will still continue to win big majority in the area they are representing.

I am confident that perhaps after this, the ultra kiasu party will be putting one or two Malay candidates in the Chinese majority area, just to prove that they are a multi-racial party. I am also confident that the candidates will have a big win. However, it is neither surprising nor shocking. This is because they have comprehended the kiasu politics. If the Malay candidates won, the Malay candidates will not even be able to do anything because the party is still dominated by those who are ultra kiasu. The existence of the Malays in the party is just a 'shadow puppet play' (wayang kulit) games that were shown to obscure our eyes.

Do not be fooled with their tricks. The emergence of the Malays and the Indians appointed in their party leadership are only to obscure the eyes of the public just to prove that they are a party for all races. Thus, when there was one fairly influential Malay joined them; he was appointed as a vice chairman of the party. Perhaps, after this he will be the deputy chairman. I am still waiting whether the Malay will be appointed as chairman of the ultra kiasu party in the future? We shall wait and see! Irregardless, this is their cunning strategy that we may have overlooked. Hence, do not worry so much on the internal affairs of MCA and Gerakan. What is important is that we need to expose this ultra kiasu party so that the Malays and the other Chinese who love this nation will not be deceived by them.

If the readers do not believe what I have written, try to propose the issue of rotating the Chief Minister of Penang among the various people in their alliance or the Barisan Nasional? I believe that not only will this ultra kiasu party jumped, even those not related to the ultra kiasu party will also unite themselves with the ultra kiasu party to go against this proposal. Essentially, the Penang Chief Minister post must not be given to other races. In my opinion, anyone who ruled Penang among the three parties is not important. What is more important is that the Malays cannot become the Chief Minister over there. Any attempts and efforts will be heavily opposed.

Therefore, I am not surprised with any crisis that is happening in any of the political parties of my race. True, they are seen to be divided. They shout until they became hoarse. But actually, they are united in silence. The ultra kiasu party will forcefully demand, criticize and condemn. But all these are not from a hollow impact. Who are actually working silently? Two parties from this component will silently deliver to the BN that this demand and request should be met. Otherwise the voting will be affected whereby the Chinese people will be angry and switch directions. That was the actual message in the 12th PRU. This is what I wrote being united silently even it looks divided from the external.

That is how MCA and Gerakan benefited for being in the coalition with the government. The Malays will give their undivided support to them because that is the Malays attitude in this Malay land. They are loyal to the leaders' command. They are willing to push aside the candidate of their own race and religion because they are taught to obey the leaders. This has been happening since the feudal era that it is a taboo to disobey. This connotation has its pros and cons and it is up to us to evaluate them.

The Chinese political parties are very lucky because externally there are those who are very vocal in criticizing, demanding and claiming, but at the same time internally there are those who will be doing the persuasions. This does not matter in which state they are in, whether in the alliance or in the government.

Unlike the Malay political parties where externally they are so forcefully criticizing, however internally there is no one to persuade. This is because the Malay political party (UMNO) is the only one in the government. UMNO is alone in the government facing the unending demands from the others. I do really understand why UMNO has to concede defeat sometimes, because UMNO is in a catch-22 situation, having difficulties to provide an amicable solution. UMNO's friends of the same races and religions are not with them. The friends that are of the same race and of the same religion are in the oppositions. They are only good at condemning and criticizing but unable to persuade. Finally who are the losers? These are the fate of the Malays on the Malay land.

I am not sure that after this, BN will be able to seize back Penang and most probably may lose it, because this ultra kiasu party has successfully organize an established strategy to 'melt' the Malays with the governance style of Umar Abdul Aziz and using slogan 'amar makruf nahi mungkar' (to invite people to do good, and to prevent people from doing bad). If the Malays were to 'melt', then it is not difficult to obtain victory because a solid vote will be obtained.

It is so unfortunate that today Malay Muslims parties, not even silently uniting, they break up like the charcoal easily broke with just a stroke. The road to reconciliation is far from achieved. They are like being divorced under 'talak 3' (talak means divorce). Their divorce is irrevocable meaning no more negotiation. Thus, each partner willing to find a new partner even not compatible. If the need to reconcile again, then has to marry by way of 'Blind Chinese' (Cina Buta - meaning the ex-wife (divorced wife) has to remarry another man and the marriage has to end in a divorce so that she can marry the former partner again). What a loss for the Malays, they divorced and split up, and Chinese (Cina Buta) gets the name and its share.

So what should we do now? Meet all their claims and demands in order to get back their trust and votes? It is difficult to provide an answer, but it is not impossible. The Muslims must unite to be strong. When we are strong, it would be hard for others to step over our heads. Today the problem is we are weak, and therefore 'kaduk naik junjung' (meaning a plant that normally grows on the ground that suddenly creeps up on the tree for support decided to stay on growing on high places instead).

The Bagan Pinang by-election is not a measure for us to say that the BN has won the hearts of the Chinese and the Indians. There are many other factors that we need to study. Do not be too complacent for we might lose eventually. What is important now is to find a solution to establish a unity government. How to integrate both UMNO and PAS, for the strength of the Malays depends on these two political parties.

Put a side PKR for the time being. In fact this party is not strong if PAS is not with them. Although it is spearheaded by the Malays, however, the Malays will still be at a loss because the ultra kiasu group is with them. Look at what happened in Selangor. Have Islam and PAS ever benefited from that alliance? I am confident should PAS switch direction, the alliance will fell and they will eventually lose in all the places they contest.

I still can predict that the Malays in PKR will return to UMNO in the future as we have seen many cross over had occurred. Today they are avenging themselves because the ultra kiasu are with them. The question is whether Islam and Malay will be protected even if the Malays rule? The answer is the Malays will still lose in Selangor. In other words, wherever the Malays rule, they will eventually lose because they divorce 'talak tiga' and they cannot even unite in silence.

I seldom came across any bad incidents in clashes between the candidates of the Chinese party with the ultra kiasu party in the by-elections or general elections; compared with the clashes that occurred among the Malay political parties. We often heard there were head injuries, bottles/stones throwing and many more. In fact, we are divided externally and internally, and willing to break our brotherhood relationship. We are still far from uniting in silence. This is the fate of the Malays in the Malay land.

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